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Twitter Web App : LIVE: Tune in for a mission update from Thomas Zurbuchen of #NASAScience & NASAs OSIRIS-REx principal investigator Dante Lauretta. On Oct. 20, our spacecraft journeyed #ToBennuAndBack to collect a sample. Learn what they've found and the mission's next steps:

Twitter Web App : Science Community Alert: The next workshop for our Research Coordination Network is today, Oct. 23 at 1pm ET. This week’s theme is “Inventories, Geological Settings, and Building Blocks.”

Watch the primer talks:…
Learn more:

Twitter Web App : Have questions about all the exciting imagery from yesterday’s sample collection event?! Tune in to this evening's NASA Science Live at 6:15 pm EDT. OSIRIS-REx team members will answer some of your questions! Join the conversation #ToBennuAndBack

Twitter Web App : 🚨Never-before-seen images from our journey #ToBennuAndBack

Yesterday, NASAs OSIRIS-REx captured these pics showing the spacecraft touch Bennu, press into its surface & stir up material. The team is busy analyzing whats likely to be NASAs 1st asteroid sample:

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Twitter Web App : We think we actually might be coming back with a baby picture of what the solar system was like, of what our chemistry was like billions of years ago. - NASA Goddards Dr. Michelle Thaller explains why we sent NASAs OSIRIS-REx #ToBennuAndBack to capture an asteroid sample.

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Twitter Media Studio : Today NASAs OSIRIS-REx will touch down on Bennu — NASA’s first attempt to sample an asteroid in space, with hopes of returning it to Earth. Find out the importance of #ToBennuAndBack in our search to understand the role that asteroids in the origins of life:

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Twitter Web App : 🔴 HAPPENING NOW: Join NASA’s Thomas Zurbuchen & Dr. Glaze for a Q&A as we gear up for NASAs OSIRIS-REx's descent to the surface of asteroid Bennu to collect a space rock sample. Let's rock 'n' roll!…

Send your questions using #ToBennuAndBack…

Twitter Web App : When you think of Bennu, think of it almost as a Rosetta Stone — something that tells the history of our entire solar system over the last billions of years.

Thomas Zurbuchen on tomorrows asteroid sample collection attempt by our NASAs OSIRIS-REx spacecraft:

Twitter Web App : Make sure to not miss NASA’s Asteroid Science and Planetary Defense panel happening at 1 p.m. ET.

Scientists and engineers from #NASAPsyche, #NASALucy, and DART will speak about how different types of asteroids can teach us about our solar system:

Twitter Web App : We're adding to our space rock collection this week! On Oct. 20, our NASAs OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will touch down in an area the size of a few parking spots on the surface of asteroid Bennu. How it'll go #ToBennuAndBack to collect a sample of material:

Twitter Web App : A historic moment is on the horizon for NASAs OSIRIS-REx!

On Oct. 20, the mission will collect a sample of asteroid Bennu. Why this is important in our NASA Astrobiology: Exploring Life in the Universe quest to understand the role that asteroids play in the origins of life: #ToBennuAndBack

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