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Twitter Web App : Seawater expands as it heats up, resulting in about a third of the modern-day global average sea level rise. Melting ice from land-based sources like glaciers and ice sheets accounts for the rest.

Twitter Web App : Measuring the height of the ocean gives scientists a real-time indication of how Earths climate is changing. The oceans absorb about 90% of the excess heat from the planets warming climate.

Twitter Web App : Global sea level is rising at more than twice the rate than at the start of the 20th century.

The Sentinel-6/Michael Freilich satellite will help to monitor and better predict sea level changes that affect coastal communities around the world:

Sprinklr : Operation #IceBridge Alaska has had a crucial view of Alaska’s glaciers for the last 11 years. The region is warming more than twice as fast as the rest of the world. As the glaciers melt, they contribute to rising seas. Our latest #EarthExpeditions blog:

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Twitter Web App : Indiana residents are learning to manage more frequent and extreme heat in the Midwest. Local researchers worked with NASA to identify areas of Indianapolis that will be most affected by extreme heat and how best to warn residents. Read more:


Twitter Web App : A video of noctilucent clouds on July 7, 2020, at around 3:30 a.m., approximately 30 minutes north of Calgary, Canada.

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Twitter Web App : This year’s atmospheric conditions have been outstanding for noctilucent cloud formation. The clouds need cold temperatures and high water vapor concentrations—both of which have been present this summer and at record-breaking levels on some days at some latitudes.

TweetDeck : Conditions in the Amazon rainforest this year are setting the stage for a fire-heavy season. NASA scientists work on an annual Amazon fire forecast.

TweetDeck : Were looking at clouds from both sides now...with the GLOBE 2020 Community Cloud Challenge!
There are a variety of ways to be involved this time around, even if you cant safely get outside during the challenge period.

Twitter Web App : “From space we see our planet as a whole. We see the challenges facing it and we face those challenges together. We will not give up. We challenge convention. We refuse to accept the status quo. The time at hand is hard but we will persevere.”…

Twitter Web App : This false-color Landsat image reveals the heat signature of erupting lava and the relative coolness of the dark ash plume. The purple clouds close to the island could be steam from the volcano or from lava vaporizing seawater.

Twitter Web App : Sediments flowing into #Cuba’s Gulf of Guacanayabo from the Río Cauto have built up a delta and helped bury a reef.…

Twitter Web App : Shifting Seasons on the Steppe…

iPhone : It’s an appropriate day to learn what aphelion means: Today, Earth is at the furthest point from the Sun in our orbit.……

Twitter Web App : The Olympic Peninsula, Cascade Mountains, and Salish Sea caught the eye of an astronaut on the space station.…

Twitter Web App : In #Peru, a landslide damaged farmland and stopped the flow of an important river.…

Twitter Web App : Satellites that scout watering holes may make it easier for nomadic herders in #Senegal to thrive during the dry season.…