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NASA Exoplanets☠️ Where every day is Halloween

Bio Were the NASA team looking for planets and life beyond our solar system. We represent all of NASAs missions looking for – and finding – new worlds.
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Twitter Web App : 👻Yoo-hoo, Boos! We see you.👻
Two exoplanets in the Constellation Boötes, Tau Boo b and 24 Boo b, send ghostly greetings for #NASAHalloween. Explore these two worlds (or 4,290 others) – if you dare.…

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Twitter Web App : TOUCHDOWN!

Sampling in progress 💥


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Twitter Web App : 👻Ghost in Hydra👻 When stars like our Sun are at the end of their lives, they swell into red giants. In a last gasp, they expel layers of gas, exposing the core of a dying star, called a white dwarf, as revealed in the constellation Hydra. #NASAHalloween

Twitter Web App : 🔥Call Your Mummy!🔥 The exoplanet Corot-7b is so close to its Sun-like star that it's between -200 and 2,000 degrees, depending on where you are. So you might need more (or much less) linen wrapping! Models suggest it may have lava🌋 or boiling oceans.🙀 #NASAHalloween