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Sprinklr : Sometimes, Hubble’s data is best visualized through art. 🎨 On #InternationalArtistsDay, explore illustrations of Hubble discoveries from artists and scientists working together!

The Art of Hubble:

Sprinklr : Happy #HubbleFriday! This new image shows two interacting galaxies pulling on one another, creating a waterfall of stars. 🌠

The galaxies, NGC 2799 and NGC 2798, might merge or create a unique formation over the next several hundred million years:

Sprinklr : What is Hubble up to? 👀 Explore the telescope’s newest images and discoveries in “Hubble’s Latest” album.

Check it out:

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Twitter Web App : Ready for #HubbleTrivia? Hubble can see billions of light-years away, but also helps uncover fascinating discoveries right here in our own solar system!

Hubble witnessed plumes of water vapor on which of Jupiter’s moons?

Watch the video in the thread for the answer.

Twitter Web App : Congratulations to NASA’s NASAs OSIRIS-REx spacecraft for successfully collecting a sample from the near-Earth asteroid Bennu! The Hubble team wishes you a safe journey home. #ToBennuAndBack…

Sprinklr : This #HubbleClassic gives a close-up of the center of spiral galaxy NGC 2841, located 46 million light-years away.

The galaxys core glows with the light of old stars while clusters of young and middle-aged stars dot the dusty spiral arms:

Sprinklr : What does the Cosmic Reef “sound” like? This sonification offers a new way to experience Hubble’s 30th anniversary image of two nebulae neighbors.

In this sonification, blue is assigned higher pitches and red lower pitches. More:

Credit: SYSTEM Sounds

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Sprinklr : Did you know technology developed for Hubble has helped with breast cancer detection and treatment? On #NationalMammographyDay, learn about how this tech helps doctors identify microcalcifications and make biopsies less painful: &

Sprinklr : #HubbleFriday This Hubble image shows a special type of star-forming nursery, known as Free-floating Evaporating Gaseous Globules (or frEGGs for short).

FrEGGS are dark, compact globules of dust and gas, some of which create low-mass stars:

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Twitter Web App : Think about how much data your phone or computer can store. Now, try to answer this #HubbleTrivia:

How much data can Hubble store on board?

Watch the video in the thread to find out if your guess is correct!

Sprinklr : #HubbleClassic Explore dark pillars of cold gas in the Carina Nebula with this 3D visualization created from Hubble observations. Winds and radiation from massive stars in the nebula carve away at these clouds, creating bizarre, fantasy-like structures:

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Android : 👁️ Sometimes when we look out into the shadowy depths of the cosmos, we find it looking right back! 🙀 Hubble captured stunning detail in this spine-chilling cat’s eye here:

Sprinklr : Hubble brings us stunning cosmic sights, but images can be experienced with other senses as well! Though there’s no sound in space, assigning pitches to stars & galaxies in this image provides a new way to conceptualize its data.

More sonifications here:

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Sprinklr : #HubbleFriday Sixty million light-years from Earth, the Great Barred Spiral Galaxy is home to enormous star-forming regions. The blue and fiery orange swirls show us where stars have just formed and the dusty sites of future stellar nurseries:

Sprinklr : What does the universe feel like? ✨

For #WorldSightDay, explore how Hubble images can be experienced through touch.

NASA braille books:

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Sprinklr : It’s World Space Week, and great Hubble science is done all over the world!

Scientists from about three dozen countries have won Hubble observation time. Data from Hubble have been used in over 17,000 scientific publications. Learn more:


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Twitter Web App : Let’s play some #HubbleTrivia!

How much exposure time did it take to capture the Hubble Ultra Deep Field image?

Watch the video in the thread to see if your guess is correct!