NASAs Perseverance Mars Rover (@NASAPersevere )

NASAs Perseverance Mars Rover

Bio NASA Mars rover. Launch: July 30, 2020. Landing: Feb. 18, 2021. Hobbies: Photography, collecting rocks, off-roading. 🚀 Team HQ @NASAJPL
Location Jezero Crater, Mars
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Twitter Web App : I’m part of a proud lineage of robotic explorers, carrying the torch forward on Mars. This plaque I carry pays tribute to those who’ve gone before me, and to new possibilities ahead.


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Twitter Web App : Luck favors the prepared. NASA Wallops' work on my parachute is proof of that. They overcame an extraordinary engineering challenge by doing everything possible to get my parachute right. See how they made it work under harsh conditions:

Twitter Web App : LIVE🔴
Take a close look at my new home. Members of my team are giving you a tour around the high-def 360-degree panorama I sent back. They're zooming in on the details of the Martian terrain I'm in and are answering your questions live. #CountdownToMars…

Twitter Web App : Get a guided tour around the first high-def 360-degree look at my new environment. Mission experts explain why it’s got scientists back on Earth excited, and will answer your questions. Tune in today, Feb. 25, 1pm PT (4pm ET/2100 GMT). #CountdownToMars

Twitter Web App : From every corner of the globe, you sent your names to ride aboard with me and now we’re here.

Missed your chance? Send your name on NASA’s next Mars mission:

Twitter Web App : A moment of respect for the descent stage. Within two minutes of safely delivering me to the surface of Mars, I caught the smoke plume on one of my Hazcams from its intentional surface impact — an act that protected me and the scientific integrity of my landing site.

Twitter Web App : Charles It is a sundial. But it's main function is as the Mastcam-Z calibration target my team uses to make sure color settings are correct in images since the Sun and dust can affect the lighting.

Twitter Web App : Don That's the Mastcam-Z calibration target and it also doubles as a sundial. This helps my team make sure the camera settings are correct since the Sun and dust can affect lighting in images. You can learn more here:

Twitter Web App : I’m taking it all in. This is the first 360º view of my home using Mastcam-Z. This dual, high-definition camera system sits atop my mast and has zoom capability. Inspect tiny details of Jezero Crater with the special interactive viewer at #CountdownToMars

iPhone : ‼️ HAPPENING NOW: NASAs Perseverance Mars Rover experts answer YOUR questions live during a @Reddit AMA about our Mars rover’s Feb. 18 landing, as well as today’s newly released images, sounds, and videos of the Red Planet.

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Twitter Web App : Now that you’ve seen Mars, hear it. Grab some headphones and listen to the first sounds captured by one of my microphones. 🎧…


Twitter Media Studio : Landing on Mars is a rush of tension, drama, and noise. Then, when the dust clears: tranquility and grandeur.

Explore in 3D in the YouTube app:
More images:…

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Twitter Media Studio : Your front-row seat to my Mars landing is here. Watch how we did it.


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