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Sprinklr : LaNetra Tate, a comm and nav leader at NASAGoddard) 's Twitter Profile">NASA Goddard, is participating in a free panel for Museum of Sci-Fi! On Oct. 28 at 7 p.m. EDT, she joins prominent NASA (@WomenNASA) 's Twitter Profile">WomenNASA engineers to discuss how NASA transforms science fiction into science fact.

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Twitter Web App : The NASA Technology Tipping Point partners will develop technologies to help forge a path to sustainable #Artemis operations. One award to Nokia is to deploy the first LTE/4G system in space which could enhance lunar surface communications.

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Twitter Web App : Wondering just how difficult it is to grab rocks off a tiny asteroid? The straight answer is… its very difficult. But check out this video on how my team has risen to the challenge.

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Sprinklr : NASA’s Space Network is modernizing its ground stations to increase data rates and improve user coverage! The network provides critical communications to more than 40 missions including the @space_station.

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Twitter Web App : With the evolution and rapid growth of the commercial space sector in the last decade, NASA finds it has reached an opportune time to capitalize on commercial capabilities.

NASA SCaN the Future, a virtual industry day will discuss the new paradigm. 📡🛰️…

Twitter Web App : Happy #HispanicHeritageMonth! Check out these amazing images of Latin America and Spain from space!

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Sprinklr : NASA's Curious Universe podcast has returned for a second season. Their most recent episode focuses on the TDRS-supported Intl. Space Station!

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Twitter Web App : It’s #HispanicHeritageMonth! Without NASA engineers like Integration & Test manager Javier Ocasio-Perez, LCRD — our next laserComm Demo — would not be possible. Javier also sits on NASAGoddards Hispanic advisory committee!

Sprinklr : It’s #HispanicHeritageMonth! During this month, we celebrate the important contributions of Hispanic members of NASA’s workforce. Jacob Silva began his career with NASA as an intern at the White Sands Complex. Now he leads their engineering team, supporting TDRS ground systems!

Sprinklr : It’s #HispanicHeritageMonth! During this month, we celebrate the important contributions of Hispanic members of NASA’s workforce. Melissa Diaz has worked on TDRS for 17 years! She currently serves as site manager at the White Sands Complex, which hosts many TDRS ground systems.

Sprinklr : It’s #HispanicHeritageMonth! During this month, we celebrate the important contributions of Hispanic members of NASA’s workforce. Recently, Human Space Flight Network mission manager Rosa Avalos-Warren played a pivotal role in SpaceX Demo-2, helping to provide TDRS services!

Twitter Web App : Our #Artemis I mission will be instrumental in testing all of our technologies to ensure astronaut safety:

🧑‍🚀 The Orion Spacecraft spacecraft
🚀 The NASA_SLS rocket
📡 And the NASA SCaN and NASA TDRS communications networks:

Sprinklr : The uncrewed NASA #Artemis I mission will use NASA_SLS to place NASA_Orion in orbit around the Moon, showcasing next-generation NASA_Technology. It will also demonstrate the united capabilities of NASASCaN networks based at NASAGoddard and NASAJPL!

Twitter Web App : What are you packing in your #NASAMoonKit? Are you packing a camera? If so, you might want to pack a NASA Technology LaserComm terminal as well! LaserComm’s higher data rates will allow you to transmit more pixels per second back to Earth. 🖼️

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Twitter Web App : What are you packing in your #NASAMoonKit? NASA SCaN is packing some favorite books!
NASA History Office has published a bunch of wonderful books about the amazing legacy of NASA’s networks. 📚
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Sprinklr : What are you packing in your #NASAMoonKit? Are you packing a tablet? If so make sure you’re prepared to connect to LunaNet, the communications architecture that will help #Artemis astronauts stay safe and connected with Earth. 👩‍🚀

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Sprinklr : Just like TDRS help low Earth orbit missions get data from space to Earth, NASA is exploring how to get data from the Moon. NASASCaN has released a Request for Information for lunar relay and navigation services.

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Twitter Web App : We get asked a lot of questions about how NASA communicates with far off spacecraft. The NASASCaN team put together seven things you need to know about space communications:

Sprinklr : What's the secret to communicating with space? To get started, there are seven things you need to know: