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Hootsuite Inc. : If you needed an organ transplant would you have one? If so, please help others by opting to donate organs and tissue. bit.ly/2GVFdJK

Android : Recently had a conversation with colleagues and was interested to hear differing opinions on organ donation from various faiths, despite a medical background. It must be difficult for patients too. Here is an excellent start point from NHS Organ Donation💗


Hootsuite Inc. : Every day across the UK, someone dies waiting for a transplant.

Organ donation law in England has changed to help save and improve more lives.

Find out more about these changes and how they affect you. bit.ly/2PATVtk

Clarabridge Engage : @johnnyelburgess Thank you for sharing this with us and highlighting the importance of organ donation. You have given your sister the gift of life ❤️ We wish you both all the best with the future.

- Gemma

Clarabridge Engage : Cat Thank you for sharing this with us about your relative and highlighting the importance of organ donation. We wish them all the best for the future. ❤️

Hootsuite Inc. : My beloved husband Darren has spent two years waiting on the organ transplant list for a new heart.

We try to stay positive and make the best out of everything.

Its a waiting game but we are just asking for more people to discuss #OrganDonation with their family.

Twitter Web App : “I want my legacy to be that I lived, I loved, & I did it all with a smile on my face.” 💞 Today George, our very much loved friend, should have been celebrating her 30th #birthday.
Sadly last year George passed away, 3.5 yrs after her lung transplant.

Twitter Web App : Stay Strong 💪Harry, we will all 🙏 for your turn to come soon. Please everyone register your wishes NHS Organ Donation💗 and be there for Harry or someone else in need of organs or tissues should you or a loved on die......have the conversation ❤️❤️🙏🙏 twitter.com/share_wishes/s…

Twitter Web App : Lucky to have the #NHS as my employer and my saviour 🤍

Made this #TikTok, hope you like it 💙

NHS Organ Donation💗 EEAST Ambulance Service

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Twitter Web App : #OrganDonation law in England has now changed, but you still have a choice about whether or not to become a donor when you die.

It only takes a couple of minutes to record your decision on the NHS Organ Donor Register: bit.ly/2GVFdJK

Clarabridge Engage : @mercymaelyn1 If you would like to join the Organ Donor Register, please visit our website - organdonation.nhs.uk/register-to-do…. You can also call our helpline on 0300 123 23 23.

Thanks - Louise (3/3)


Clarabridge Engage : @mercymaelyn1 A healthcare professional will decide whether some or all organs and tissue are suitable for transplant, taking into account your medical history. (2/3)

Clarabridge Engage : @mercymaelyn1 Having a medical condition or having had a blood transfusion doesn't necessarily prevent a person from becoming an organ or tissue donor. (1/3)

Clarabridge Engage : @eastenglandamb @edward_j_dodd Super, Ted! (like my favorite 80's cartoon) 😍

Thanks so much for sharing this! It's great to see you doing so well - Patrick

Twitter Web App : I recovered quickly and do not regret my decision for a second. To see the difference in Eugene was fantastic.

Daniel donated a kidney to his son, Eugene, live on television last year.

Read their story: bit.ly/2DfzQGU