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TweetDeck : rintchengwa Anyone claiming to be a prophet is a charlatan peddling ambiguities aimed at leading you in a direction they have chosen for you.

You become their bitch.

They are not "prophets".

Get real, focus on reality and stop being so fearful.

TweetDeck : rintchengwa If you're of the opinion that timne itself can end, and are hunting for signs and whispers from angry skygoblins, then my advice would be to sober the fuck up and start thinking rationally.

TweetDeck : Stephen King What the hell do you have to lose? -Donald Trump, 2016

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TweetDeck : Amanda Mull delaney Every political & social advance is achieved through mechanisms laid down in previous advances.

Each step forward is a re-enactment of previous steps.

For France, that means repeatedly re-enacting the French Revolution.
They love Storming the Bastille.

They love a good riot.

TweetDeck : Tony Heller What exactly are you on about?
We are trading with the outside world,
we are rebooting domestic tourism
we are negotiating to reboot travel with with other nations in a similar COVID state.

The only thing missing is cruise ships, and we can easily do without trashy plague ships.

TweetDeck : Rob Reiner NancyMac True.

But the only way to have avoided a 2nd civil war would have required an end to congressional gridlock, party political tribalism and the arrogant delusion that the American governance system is perfection & second to none.

And that was NEVER gonna happen.

TweetDeck : Zachariah Did it ever?

I mean Jesus NEVER said a single word on homosexuality, yet homophobia was ALWAYS central to Christian evangelizing. And that's just 1 of many examples!

So was it ever anything other than a tool of political and/or social and/or cultural identity & enforcement?

TweetDeck : romy reiner hgreenberg1 Turning the military on civilians is what Americans have done in almost every war they have ever participated in.

Only now you are doing to yourselves as you have consistently been doing to everyone else.

TweetDeck : Ryan Knight 🌹 Sorry but Americans holding up Bibles while threatening military action, is precisely how USA has consistently presented itself to the rest of the world.

You are finally getting to taste the waters you have been feeding to everyone else.

TweetDeck : Reuters Air bridges???

Not mentioned in any of the existing civil aviation legislation.
So I suppose the law that will apply to them will be some new fangled rush job nonsense cobbled together without parliamentary oversight.

Air Bridges is the new word for...