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iPhone : 1/
Oh Donnie Donuts, you don’t understand what you have unleashed with this TikTok threat.

My boys are 11 (2x)

“Dad, did you know if you write to the Trump Campaign to volunteer they’ll send you boxes of stuff to hand out for free?”

“I didn’t know that how do YOU know that?”

iPhone : ⚖️45 & GOP Senate have installed 2 justices to SCOTUS, 53 judges to Federal appeals court, 144 in specialty courts & over 20 in specialty courts.

⚖️The consequences of these judicial appointments will be felt for generations.

#ONEV1 #DemCast #BeTheChange4USA pic.twitter.com/2HoCs7xban

iPhone : An important update on the fake Trump video I called out two days ago.

The Associated Press have flagged it as fake and Twitter added a manipulated media warning to it (finally).

So please be skeptical and try not to amplify unverified content.

Otherwise we lose credibility. twitter.com/vegix/status/1…

iPhone : A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away my siblings and I camped out to see the opening of Star Wars at SF’s Coronet Theatre. We could never imagine Luke Skywalker aka Mark Hamill tweeting about our mom becoming president if the occupant refused to leave - but here we are. twitter.com/hamillhimself/…

iPhone : 🚨Mask up America! You are putting the lives of others at risk. It is said repeatedly, you are being asked to wear a mask to protect OTHER PEOPLE! Is it really that hard to wear a piece of cloth over your mouth & nose? Think of it as a good deed! #WearAMaskSaveALife #dems4USA twitter.com/PatsKarvelas/s…

iPhone : The new Post Master General, a tRUMP mega-donor, also happens to have $70 MILLION invested in USPS competitors.

Can you say "conflict of interest"?

#Dems4USA twitter.com/GeoffRBennett/…

iPhone : 🚨Sen Tillis said NC will re-elect him b/c “ppl remember how good their lives were in Feb.”
🧨PPE shortage
🧨gassing peaceful protesters in DC
🧨Fed Militia in OR w/o State permission

🔆Cal will help us rebuild better