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TweetDeck : .President Biden signed the instrument to bring the U.S. back into the Paris Agreement on his first day in office, and today, the U.S. will officially become a Party to it again. Learn more about the Biden-Harris Administrations commitment to climate action:

Twitter Web App : ICYMI from NOAA Fisheries: What to do if you see a whale in distress along the East Coast…

Twitter Web App : Boaters from ME-VA: Want to help protect #endangered right whales? Sign up for emails/texts about where they are and where you should slow down and keep a sharp lookout. #WhaleWeek

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TweetDeck : If youre left without power and heat source, follow these tips to stay warm:

✅ Close blinds/curtains to keep in some heat
✅ Close off rooms to retain heat
✅ Stuff towels or rags in cracks under doors
✅ Wear layers of lightweight warm clothes


Twitter Web App : Really good news and not as good news in next weeks forecast by NOAA’s NWS Climate Prediction Center.

A warm-up is coming as temps return to normal or above normal for much of the USA.

But a more typical La Nina pattern returns bringing drier air from CA to the East Coast.

Twitter Web App : The latest Seasonal Outlook by NOAAs NWS Climate Prediction Center provides a longer view into spring.

Big picture, that view doesn’t show much changing.

Much of the West and Plains stay in drought, with part of FL added.

Improvements in the Northwest/Midwest/Northeast.…

Twitter Web App : #DroughtMonitor 2/16: Enough snow fell in some areas in the West and Plains, like parts of CO and NE, to lead to scattered improvements in this week’s change map.

TX and the South/Southeast also saw reductions in #drought and dryness.


Twitter Web App : #DroughtMonitor 2/16: The #drought map is kind of frozen, just like temps in the USA.

While widespread snow has led to some improvements, many soils under that snow are frozen and still extremely dry.

#Drought2021’s Footprint: 37.8% of the USA


TweetDeck : + Check your latest local weather forecast, watches & warnings by inputing your Zip Code or City/State at

Please stay informed and stay safe.…

TweetDeck : COMING IN MARCH: Visit the 1st public aquarium, tour satellite “mission control,” dive in an underwater park & more at the #NOAAVirtualOpenHouse!

Registration is free, but required. Register soon because spots are limited.



Twitter Web App : Its #WhaleWeek (Feb. 16-20, 2021), leading up to World Whale Day on Feb. 21. Dive deeper into our work to conserve and protect these majestic ocean giants:

TweetDeck : Generators can cause dangerous hazards like fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. Remember to:

🔹 Place them outdoors and away from windows.
🔹 Keep them dry and properly grounded.
🔹 Never plug them into a wall outlet or main electrical panel.

More tips:…

TweetDeck : When the power goes out in winter, the cold can be deadly. But even without power, there are still ways to warm things up. Stay #WeatherReady and learn more about winter safety:

TweetDeck : Looking for great, localized weather information to guide you and your family through the winter weather? Follow your local NWS office! Find them here:

TweetDeck : Its so cold in the Central U.S. even our satellite imagery has icicles! Surface temperatures of -15 to -25 extend from the Canadian border down to northern OK this morning as seen on this infrared loop from GOES-East. Stay warm out there!

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TweetDeck : (2 of 5) #January 2021 global land & ocean temp was 1.44°F (0.80°C) above average -- making it the 7th-warmest Jan. on record for the planet: NOAA NCEI Climate #StateOfClimate

TweetDeck : (1 of 5) Just in: Earth just had its 7th-warmest #January on record.

Polar sea ice coverage was below-average for the month, per NOAA NCEI Climate #StateOfClimate