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Twitter Web App : While the world may be "smiling" in this #FullDiskFriday image from #GOESEast, what you're really looking at is the full force of Mother Nature.

This "smile" capture, from last Tuesday, has #Teddy on the upper right,#Beta on the left, and a 3000-mile cold front in between them.

Twitter Web App : A pretty good view of the processes at work this morning on NOAA Satellites GOES 16 Water Vapor imagery. In green is the remnants of #Beta surging northeast. Behind it is a shortwave trough which will kick the #rain out of #swva for the #weekend. #vawx #ncwx #wvwx

Twitter Web App : The 30th annual #StateOfClimate2019 was released last month. Considered Earth’s yearly climate health checkup, the report is the result of contributions from more than 520 scientists from over 60 countries. Learn more: #DataFest

Twitter Web App : #SATELLITE SPOTLIGHT: This #GeoColor loop from Japan's #Himawari8🛰️ yesterday is showing the #smoke from #wildfires that continue to burn in #Siberia. In this animation, the satellite is watching #fires in eastern Russia, between the #LenaRiver and the Sea of Okhotsk.

Twitter Web App : Yesterday, the Geostationary Lightning Mapper (#GLM) onboard #GOESEast captured sparkles of #lightning over southern Mexico and the Caribbean while the remnants of #Beta were still bringing clouds and rain to the Southeast.

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Twitter Web App : The #NEDTalks and #Datapalooza are the highlights of #DataFest, a celebration of all of the ways NOAA #DataScience helps preserve life and property. Join us online, from anywhere in the world!

More #DataFest info:

Twitter Web App : Reminder- Next week on Sept. 28 at 2 p.m. EDT, Mr. Jim Blackburn of Baker Institute and Rice University
will present, Climate, Flooding, and Money. No registration required!

Learn more about this and other #NEDTalks here: #DataScience

Twitter Web App : giddyslick NOAA Sure, it wasn't recorded- it was just here on Twitter.
All you have to do is look up the #Datapalooza hashtag and then select "Latest" tweets at the top of the list.
You can then go back through them and see what was discussed.

Twitter Web App : Thank you for joining us for this weeks #Datapalooza Twitter Chat about fire weather.

Next weeks chat will focus on #drought. Again, we will have NOAA experts available to answer questions and discuss.
See you next Thursday at noon (ET)!

Twitter Web App : US StormWatch Also the development of a pyrocumulus cloud, a tall thunderstorm type cloud that is formed from the intense heating of the fire, is indicative of extreme fire behavior.
(-Robyn Heffernan)


Twitter Web App : US StormWatch Examples of extreme fire behavior include a running crown fire; when the fire moves from the surface into the crowns of trees and is spread from crown to crown.


Twitter Web App : What about nighttime fire monitoring? Users can employ the Night-Fog Difference Product (NFDP, 10-3.9um). Initially used to identify microphysical characteristics of clouds (liquid vs ice), NFDP can also observe fire hotspots (black pixels) due to 3.9um sensitivity. #Datapalooza

Twitter Web App : 1QuestionAsker ... rehabilitation efforts to support a healthy ecosystem again. In addition, the communities impacted will take years to rebuild and recover, if they ever do.


Twitter Web App : 1QuestionAsker Wildfires that burn extremely hot and destroy the entire landscape, like we are seeing in California this year, can take decades to recover from. These types of fires completely change the soil characteristics and typically need...