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SocialFlow : “This has the potential to be a transformative moment,” said a lawyer who helped persuade Aetna to cover breast augmentation surgery for transgender women  nyti.ms/3qTsj3V

SocialFlow : Aetna will now cover breast augmentation surgery for transgender women, if they could show it to be medically necessary nyti.ms/3aabKtO

SocialFlow : Dr. Anthony Fauci opened up to our reporter Donald G. McNeil, Jr. about his fraught experience of handling the pandemic under the Trump administration. He described being called “the skunk at the picnic.” Listen to their exclusive interview on The Daily. nyti.ms/39lv8F4

SocialFlow : These seven podcasts celebrate the wonders of science through expert-led deep dives, humorous debates and rich storytelling. nyti.ms/3okypbV

SocialFlow : Some viruses are soft and smoosh down like a foam ball, others are more brittle, prone to cracking like an egg. Coronaviruses seem to be somewhere in the middle, a sort of tactile Goldilocks in the world of infectious disease. nyti.ms/3pqP3s0

SocialFlow : The Flaming Lips are using individual plastic bubbles in their concerts to try to protect themselves and their fans from the coronavirus. nyti.ms/2YdGWTl

SocialFlow : "Is it ethical to participate in the two-year AstraZeneca trial when I know I may drop out after six or 12 months?" nyti.ms/3ogY0lZ

SocialFlow : Moderna's vaccine still protects against new coronavirus variants. But the antibodies it provokes are less effective against the variant discovered in South Africa, and so the company is devising an unusual booster shot.  nyti.ms/3a4yADg

SocialFlow : Coronavirus vaccines by Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech effectively protect recipients. But in a worrying sign, they are slightly less effective against a variant found in South Africa. nyti.ms/2M4AQSZ

SocialFlow : Physicists are eager to understand how viruses cobble themselves together and move from place to place despite lacking most of the machinery that enables cells to replicate and run nyti.ms/2Mu04d6

SocialFlow : Dry January, less doomscrolling, more exercise — these were some of the lofty promises we made to ourselves on Dec. 31. They were broken quickly amid a worsening pandemic and attacks on the country’s democracy. nyti.ms/2NCqBWs

SocialFlow : Dr. Fauci on why he didn't quit: "I always felt that if I did walk away, the skunk at the picnic would no longer be at the picnic." He added, "The idea that they knew that nonsense could not be spouted without my pushing back on it, I felt was important." nyti.ms/3ojfLRZ

SocialFlow : Vaccines can be stretched during shortages like the one the U.S. is facing, but it isn't easy nyti.ms/3qRXCfD

SocialFlow : Vaccines for mink could benefit the health of humans, as outbreaks on fur farms pose a public danger nyti.ms/39gicQM

SocialFlow : Dr. Fauci on Former President Trump: "It wasn’t just hydroxychloroquine, it was a variety of alternative-medicine type approaches. It was always, “A guy called me up, a friend of mine from blah, blah, blah.” That’s when my anxiety started to escalate." nyti.ms/3qVGGVl

SocialFlow : "It isn’t like I took any pleasure in contradicting the president of the United States. I have a great deal of respect for the office," Dr. Fauci said. "But I made a decision that I just had to." nyti.ms/3a1NZnH

SocialFlow : “'What’s the sense of having a living will if it’s not honored?'” More Americans are writing advance directives to guide their final days, but their decisions often aren't recognized when it matters. nyti.ms/2YdZAdX

SocialFlow : Between the not freezing part and the not getting Covid-19 part, eating out has gone from something easy and casual to something you need to plan for. nyti.ms/3caMyWF

SocialFlow : "In theory, if air filtration is good, protective barriers can helpfully augment and reduce risk of transmission but I would be hesitant to attend a concert in a bubble at the moment unless this has been assessed further," a doctor said. nyti.ms/368BaGX

SocialFlow : The Flaming Lips are using individual plastic bubbles in their concerts to try to protect themselves and their fans from the coronavirus. nyti.ms/2LTZJAR