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Nakabuye Hilda F.

Bio Ugandan Student striking for #ClimateAction, Founder & Organizer @Fridays4FutureU, Green Campaigner, @GreenCampaignAf #KeepMamaAfricaGreen
Location Uganda
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Android : I am Hilda, I lead a #LakeShoreCleanUp on #LakeVictoria.
Theyre 117 million lakes on Earth, covering 3.7 percent of the continental land surface but were slowly loosing them to greed and inaction.
We need to take responsibility to #PreserveOurLakes and #EndPlasticPollution

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Android : Climate strike week 56, along with 30 people!
Thank you to everyone who came 💚☘
Last week was the global day of action. I wrote a blog post on it but I forgot to post it on the day but it has been put up now- please let me know your thoughts :)…

Android : The moment when a snow leopard disables your camera traps. 😲

Incredible footage from our teams in WWF России and WWF-Mongolia from their latest snow leopard survey!

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Android : Indigenous peoples are the stewards of the majority of the 🌍s biodiversity & holders of traditional knowledge for nature-based solutions. 💚

Friend of COP Hindou on the importance of indigenous peoples in protecting #biodiversity 👇

#BiodiversitySummit | #COP26Action

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Android : Fridays for Future strikes returned last week, with protestors arrested in China, Russia and Uganda.

"No amount of intimidation or police brutality can come our way, we are stronger and United than ever," said Ugandan activist Nakabuye Hilda F..


In 1990, 24% of Uganda was covered by forest; by 2015, we were at 8%. If nothing is done, by 2028, Uganda will have no forests. Follow the Vision Group investigation on the destruction of Bugoma Forest on all our platforms.


Android : So with all this Information, Are Activists telling Lies? Our Climate Activists have lost their Twitter Accounts advocating to #SaveBugomaForest. This is so disgraceful of Governments to keep destroying the beautiful planet over Profits. Our Future is at Stake #ClimateAction

Android : For the second time Mukwano Industries just liked my Tweet without response on why they are ignoring to #EndPlasticPollution

The company features on every brand survey weve done in Uganda. Unfortunately its products are found almost in every home in East and Central Africa.

Android : Nature is sending us a clear message. To care for ourselves, we must care #ForNature.

As hosts of #COP26, the 🇬🇧 is committed to protecting and restoring our natural habitats and ecosystems.

Learn more about our nature campaign 👇

#Biodiversity2020 | #COP26Action

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Android : The youth of the world calls for fundamental reforms to our priorities, values, and behaviours for the sake of our shared future with and #ForNature.

Join them to #StandForNature and sign the Open Letter:


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Android : The climate emergency is fully upon us, and we have no time to waste.

The answer to our existential crisis is swift, decisive, scaled up #ClimateAction - with at least a 45% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions below 1990 levels by 2030, and net zero emissions before 2050.

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Android : People are vulnerable to climate change & solving climate change needs to be from the root (causes), not the multiplier (effects). The #GreenDemocracy initiative for peace building & the protection of human rights through a #GreenAccord for individual country...

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Android : How our warmer oceans are contributing to climate breakdown #Tiredearth #ClimateAction #oceans #ClimateAction

Android : This video shows the Capoto Jarina Kayapo reservation in Mato Grosso, Amazon rainforest, around a month ago.
The rain started and the worse of the fires is over But the fires were much more intense this year. As like many places.
We must act accordingly. #climateaction #ActNow

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