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Twitter Web App : We cannot let yesterday's disappointment affect today's mission.

We're one week away from the most important election of our lifetimes. Let's get back to work.

Twitter Web App : ”Knowing the nature of the political and judicial system of this country, its inherent bias against the poor, against people of color, against dissidents, we cannot become dependent on the courts, or on our political leadership.” —Howard Zinn…

Twitter Web App : For my latest Teen Vogue column, I wrote about how the remote proctoring softwares that many schools are using are an enormous invasion of student's privacy. Thread ⬇️…

Twitter Web App : Sit with this for a moment:

Even though Rs have only won the popular vote *once* in the last seven elections, Republican Presidents have picked 15 of the last 19 Supreme Court justices.

Twitter Web App : I could have lived my life twice over since the days Big Oil and Big Auto were put on notice that their products, when used as intended, had the potential to dangerously and irreversibly heat our planet.


Twitter Web App : This Halloween, support Amazon workers' call for paid time off to vote. Amazon workers have been keeping millions fed and clothed throughout this pandemic, have faced multiple Covid outbreaks, all while Bezos's wealth has soared. They deserve time to choose their political reps.…

Twitter Web App : Our dreams don't fit on your ballots. But that doesn't mean we won't cast ballots to make those dreams possible and end this nightmare.…

Twitter Web App : Not giving workers paid time off to vote is a form of #VoterSuppression. Other major employers have already done this. Amazon can definitely afford it. #ShutDownAmazon…

Twitter Web App : May this joyful day be the beginning of the end of the global reign of the #ChicagoBoys. It started in Chile in 1973, in blood and fire. Let this echo around the world.…

Twitter Web App : Solidarity with Chile today; a truly historic opportunity to break free from Pinochet’s constitution — and democratize state, economy, society ✊#YoApruebo…

Twitter Web App : I'm seeing some folks wanting to refight primary battles. How about being strategic and smart instead? If you live in NYC, make like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and vote Working Families Party down the line #VoteWFP…

Twitter Web App : It’s 2020 and NPR’s still covering climate politics, like Biden’s green stimulus plan, with 30-year-old reporting frame: “I don’t know, seems pretty crazy, can such a complex economy be decarbonized fast? I guess the left wants it.”

By 2030 this will look so, so bad to everyone.

Twitter Web App : Trump has stacked his anti-science administration with corporate polluters, gutted environmental regulations, and opened protected land for extraction.

Listen to part seven of @Intercepted's “American Mythology: The Presidency of Donald Trump.”