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Global Sustainable Competiveness Index 2020 is out

Scandinavia still tops, Uk #15, Germany 22, US 32, China 39

#SustainableRecovery #SDGs #SustainableCompetitiveness #SustainabiltyIndex

iPhone : I hear people talk about how they are angry that the government is putting so many restrictions on things that they can and cant do.. its not their fault, the fault lies with the people who dont wear their fuckin masks


Twitter Web App : Richard D. Wolff we think and pray about progressive ideas when they get shot and killed by law enforcement. And by law enforcement I mean corporate America making profit from our suffering.

iPhone : In Australia we just had the hottest Spring on record at +2.03 °C above average. What do we get from our government? Silence. Nothing. Then again, we got the same silence when the country was literally on fire...

iPhone : #CahokiaMounds is both a treasure and a mystery in the Americas. #history #FirstNations #cultural #heritage…