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Bio Mom & USN Veteran starting a nonprofit for veterans and animals.  ❤✌💙 On Instagram & @cashapp SentrySaviors
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Android : Codeofvets @CLWAL02 Code of Vets ™ I requested my records so I could refile my disability claim. I requested them in September and when I call I'm told they're being processed. They make it clear they don't care. I've also been waiting over 2 weeks just to find out if I got into the womens trauma recovery program

Android : $5.00 Donations would help with Expenses and would truely be appreciated This is a difficult time 💔 and I humbly ask for your Helping Hand ❤ Thank You Patriots 🇺🇸🇺🇸… He served his Country Honorable 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Android : Its been a rough couple weeks but my boys never fail to keep me going. #FridayFeeling #staystrong #veteranmentalhealth #iamaveteran #boymom #bobafett #mybackpacksgotjets #coffeetime

Android : @USMarine_Vet It's why God created Marines. Baghdad has them and Benghazi didn't. If Chris Stevens would have gotten the Marines he begged for we wouldn't be having to point out Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama just watched on cctv as 4 Americans were murdered by terrorists.

Android : All of these online attacks happening to Code of Vets ™ not only make me angry...but they are taking time and attention away from assisting veterans and we have many who need assistance. That doesn’t stop due to blue check libasses

Android : It’s shit like this that shows where this country needs some divine intervention 🤬…

Android : Help a disabled Vietnam Vet… — Guys, this is our formerly homeless Vet from Homosassa, FL. He is very worthy & needs help keeping his van insurance as it’s the only possession he owns. Please donate what you can—$5, $10, anything. ❤️ Good ‘ole Dwight!

Android : A Tragedy. Two little boys drowned yesterday. We need to rally around the parents. Dad is a Veteran. Pray for them. How you can help? 👇…


This wishlist is for recently homeless veterans in Macon GA. It is a huge list. Lets give our warriors HOPE. HELP.

RETWEET! BUY ONE ITEM! Share this across the nation! We can do this together🎄…