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Bio Im Mally, kind of in love with Transformers, absolutely and always love Jaws. A fan of horror even though Im the biggest, most jumpy wuss.
I live in a mitten.

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Android : Lets recognize #BrandonQuintonAdams for his #finalguy role as Fool in Wes Cravens The People Under the Stairs. This movie was disturbing, funny & crazy!! Its not often you see a black kid carry an entire movie. Thats was a big deal during the 90s. #blackmeninhorror

Android : Real Queen of Horror Oh man, now I'm afraid to start it.

I liked the original best when it kind of devolved into monster or alien stories rather than sad ones about stolen kids :c but sometimes people got reunited and that was great!

Android : Ivotres Littles I was there until baby maggots xD
I mean I'm still all in, for sure!

I would hope Cronenberg would be involved, because he's the master, but it could still be really awesome without.

Android : Okay something we all need to do. I know you want to support Real Queen of Horror as much as I do so head over and SUBSCRIBE. Let’s get those numbers even higher, this is gold content from a standout creator. Let’s get to stepping horror fans.…

Android : Erika Skerzz 👽🤖 No dude, it's totally understandable to be sad and even to complain! Just because it's a small thing in the grand scheme doesn't mean we can't be upset.
Mine were cancelled too ;_; so I feel you big time. In the future! :D

Android : Ivotres Littles It's sad, but I do think it's for the best. I do really want to see it in theaters, but do not want to go to a theater for a good while. Safety over comfort sadly :s

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