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iPhone : The end of Shearings, the largest coach holiday operator in Europe, could mean the end of coach holidays in the UK, and if that happens, something very special will have been lost, says Neil Clark…

iPhone : Liam Thorp There’s quite a few agendas being played out Liam. Did you not hear Priti Patel saying ´social distancing is here to stay’?ie even after the virus is gone. And why the need to introduce airport quarantine in June, but no need in Feb or Mar when greater danger?

iPhone : Clearly there’s going to be no return to how we lived pre-lockdown. There’s no intention of that. Coronavirus: Face coverings to be mandatory on public transport…

iPhone : A French study has suggested that many deaths in care homes were caused by fluid loss and dehydration, due to staff absences. Could this also have been happening in the UK, ask professors Carl Heneghan and Tom Jefferson…

Twitter Web App : My latest article, in the new edition of the @Spectator magazine, laments the demise of #Shearings: Nothing brings people together like a coach holiday… via The Spectator) 's Twitter Profile">The Spectator

iPhone : As I said in my recent article #Covid19 has become Britain’s newest religion. A belief in the inevitability of a ´second wave’ is the new ‘second coming’. But 2nd wave not inevitable. Furthermore if virus was already here in Nov/Dec perfectly possible we’ve had 2nd wave already…

iPhone : The point is surely this: If social distancing is necessary to stop the spread of a dangerous virus how come it is not necessary at all times? Is the virus so intelligent that it knows you are breaking social distancing rules for a good cause and so won’t then infect people?…