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Bio We are Jews, immigrants & allies taking action against ICE. We need to empty the detention centers before COVID turns them into death camps. Text NEVER to 83224
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iPhone : Let me be clear. You are either racist or anti-racist. Those are the two choices. The latter meaning you are working everyday either emotionally or physically to dismantle the racisim that we all have been taught since day one in the United States.

iPhone : Border Patrol does this to humanitarian aid left for migrants in the borderlands. Law enforcement is law enforcement is law enforcement. twitter.com/nataliealund/s…

iPhone : His name is
Edward Crawford.
Today is his birthday.
He was my brother.

The current events are triggering & bring back certain feelings that I try to forget.

Keep him in your thoughts. #RestInPower #RIP #EdwardCrawford

iPhone : ¡Oye!

Latinx communities MUST show up powerfully right now.

We must go beyond hollow statements of solidarity & towards a genuine compañerismo.

We must take concrete action that goes beyond addressing intra-community anti-Blackness.

iPhone : This piece was painful to write but in light of recent events I thought it was important to write about how for many Jews of color Jewish communal spaces operate as a "white spaces" where we are too often assumed to be alien or threatening jewishcurrents.org/jews-of-color-…

TweetDeck : In the future when they write about this in history IF they don’t leave it out people will say “I can’t believe they did that” or “how could they get away with that” and I think about how we did it to the Japanese Americans during ww2 and how the holocaust happened and so on twitter.com/neveragainactn…

TweetDeck : I just donated $30 to this advocacy group on behalf of the ICE detainees being literally poisoned at a detention center outside LA. Can anybody match me? twitter.com/zulipper/statu…

TweetDeck : From hunger strikes to sit-ins, people in ICE custody are bravely fighting for their lives and freedom as coronavirus infections continue to soar in immigration detention every day.

Amplify their urgent call for liberation – RT this video. #FreeThemAll

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TweetDeck : We cant continue to advocate for immigrants rights if it does not include our black brothers & sisters. Its not enough to say you stand in solidarity. It never was.

We have to proactively dismantle a system that & kills black & brown bodies.

#BlackLivesMatter RIP George Floyd

TweetDeck : My cousin is being held in this detention center... Even though I know he’s safe & will be out next week, THIS BOILS MY BLOOD. FUCK ICE!!! FUCK ICE!!! My heart breaks when I hear news like this... THESE ARE PEOPLE W FAMILIES! LET THEM GO!!! twitter.com/neveragainactn…

TweetDeck : Incase y’all forgot, my people are still in cages and now currently being poisoned twitter.com/NeverAgainActn…

TweetDeck : “U.S. immigration officials admitted during a federal court hearing Wednesday that they are not conducting COVID-19 testing on every detainee who gets transferred from one detention center to another” miamiherald.com/news/local/imm…