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Bio We are Jews, immigrants & allies taking direct action against ICE & Border Patrol until they are abolished.
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iPhone : Shout-out to all the childcare workers who manage tantrums and aggression more effectively than Chris Wallace managed a full adult Tr*mp

Twitter Web App : Wishing all a day of forgiveness this Yom Kippur, and everyone who is fasting an easy fast

Android : Hey yall! I am okay, but I was hospitalized for that severe migraine I tweeted about and the recovery is taking a while. Im putting my health first, so I wont be responding to requests or posting for now. Consider this my away message.

Shana tova 🍎🍯🍎🍯

Twitter Web App : Proud Boys are a hate group that espouses white supremacy, antisemitism and misogyny. Theyve appeared alongside other hate groups at rallies across the country, often attempting to incite violence. Read our extremist profile on them here: splcenter.org/fighting-hate/…

Android : The most crucial and overlooked aspect of this entire debate is that the entire white supremacist community especially Proud Boys, took tonight as support and commitment for further escalation.

iPhone : I’m confused about who is supposed to be “swayed” by the de*ate. It feels like manufactured consent. Like theatre...like pretending people aren’t documenting wild voter suppression or the US isn’t absurdly polarized. A stab at “democracy” or how things are “supposed” to be.

iPhone : Good, thorough reporting on allegations of medical misconduct levied against a gynecologist who treated detained immigrant women: twitter.com/itscaitlinhd/s…

Twitter Web App : In the wake of Coney Barretts SCOTUS nomination, PRA has published a new report and comprehensive directory, by Frederick Clarkson on the underestimated constituency of prochoice religious communities in defending reproductive rights. Read it here: bit.ly/PRAprochoicere…

TweetDeck : Brave employees like Rick Bright, who blew the whistle on the Trump administration’s unwillingness to prepare for the #COVID_19 pandemic, protect us all.

Learn more about whistleblowers in our spotlight series: democracy.whistleblower.org/?pgid=ke2agq4a…

iPhone : So uh, how ‘bout those Nazi Germany comparisons that some of y’all were so steamed about earlier tonight in light of the whole, “stand down and stand by” comments on the #Debate2020 stage? I think some people owe the ✡ Jewish Dems 🌊 a retraction and an apology.