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SocialFlow : Barry Blitt’s latest Kvetchbook features Fran Lebowitz, the activist.

SocialFlow : The Biden Administration’s economic plans aim to support American families that have been hit hardest by the pandemic, while also addressing lasting inequities.

SocialFlow : People close to the former marine Donovan Crowl said that, during the Trump Administration, he began to embrace conspiracy theories. “It's stuff he heard from that psychopath Alex Jones,” his sister told Ronan Farrow.

SocialFlow : The 2017 battle for Raqqa—a war fought from cavernous control rooms thousands of miles away, or from aircraft thousands of feet in the sky—is the true face of modern American combat.

SocialFlow : “Nearly a year of being disheartened by the online garishness and promotional smarm of digitized images has set me up to rediscover the pungency of direct aesthetic experience,” Peter Schjeldahl writes, about seeing a new show at a New York gallery.

SocialFlow : Some ideas for vaccines to eradicate societal ills that go way beyond the coronavirus.

SocialFlow : When Jeanne Calment was born, in 1875, the life expectancy for a French woman was 45. In 1991, Calment became the oldest person in the world. But two researchers don’t believe her story.

SocialFlow : While you are explaining the next activity, cold suspicion envelops you. What if students are not listening to you at all, but are instead playing Minecraft?

SocialFlow : Jimi Hendrix’s Woodstock anthem was both an expression of protest at the obscene violence of a wholly unnecessary war and an affirmation of aspects of the American experiment worth fighting for.

SocialFlow : Jimi Hendrix’s Woodstock anthem was both a protest of the obscene violence of a wholly unnecessary war and an affirmation of aspects of the American experiment worth fighting for.

SocialFlow : The Borowitz Report: “I recognize that I’m asking everyone to make a tremendous sacrifice,” President Biden said. “That’s why I’m issuing a stay-at-home order only for a time when there’s something really good on TV.”

SocialFlow : Héctor Tobar writes about Martin Luther King, Jr.,’s killer, his childhood neighbor: “Two very different journeys brought us to that place: me, the son of Guatemalan immigrants, and Ray, a man with Midwestern roots and an abiding hatred of black people.”

SocialFlow : An attack in the physical world is unmistakable. In the digital world, the distinction is less clear: computers are compromised, networks are infiltrated, and software is weaponized in secret.

SocialFlow : “What stuns me about both parties in Washington is how little they care that they routinely do not do what they promise voters.” An interview with Ezra Klein.

SocialFlow : “I couldn’t see what she saw, but I could see her”: The poet John Matthias writes about the life he shared with his wife, Diana, who experienced hallucinations that grew increasingly vivid over the years.

SocialFlow : “When they stopped by the mailbox, the younger brother said in a very small voice, Is she dead?” Listen to Lauren Groff read her short story from this week’s issue.

SocialFlow : Since March 13, 2020, Kevin and I have done everything together—and I mean *everything.*