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Twitter Web App : mat honan We operate the carousel in Golden Gate Park. It’s been a rough year. We are still operating all our hot dog carts in Golden Gate Park. We haven’t laid anyone off and we’ve paid all city rent and taxes. The Ferris wheel staying would really help small businesses in and around GGP

Twitter Web App : Gary Lamphier Thats true. the rock will remain!

As for Texas, Fortune says: The majority of outages overnight were plants fueled by natural gas, coal and nuclear, which together make up more than two-thirds of power generation during winter.

SocialFlow : U.S. scientists would gain vastly expanded capabilities to identify potentially deadlier coronavirus mutations under legislation advancing in Congress. A House bill cleared for floor debate last week would provide $1.75 billion for genomic sequencing.

Twitter Web App : Every time Im in the hospital, Im still struck by how destructive COVID can be—for patients young and old, previously healthy or seriously ill.

A year into the pandemic—with new vaccines, treatments, and protocols—there are still too many people dying of coronavirus.

Twitter Web App : Wow! Adrian Tomines cover for TNY this week has gone viral. He has gone to the other side of the camera and peered into our collective messy rooms. Great art can get at the emotional truth of what were living through.

Android : Wrong ans 👇
A vaccinated grandparent can hug a young grandkid
Uncertain duration is an argument to hug NOW, not delay (illogical)

& we know the vaccine is 100% effective against protecting against bad outcomes for grandparent

this messaging is poison...…

TweetDeck : I might never read Gravity’s Rainbow but I did just read every single one of the 900 comments on a post where Martha Stewart makes a heart-shaped cookie

Twitter Web App : Join local artists David Buchanan, Kenneth Caldwell, Ashley DuBose and Danez Smith in a moderated online conversation about art and building racial empathy among youth. For grades 9-12 and adults.

On Monday, Feb. 15, 6 p.m.
Register today:…
30,000 Feet

Twitter Web App : We’re proud to announce that The New Yorker’s film “Reeducated,” a V.R. short that reconstructs the experience of detention and political reëducation in Xinjiang, China, will première at the @SXSW Film Festival next month. Learn more: