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iPhone : mimi²⁸ bIm Well we could all start by voting and that’s the real truth . If we want reform in the police system, you got to start at the top. do you think we’re going to get it from republicans or Tories? More chance of Christmas coming early.

iPhone : bre Listen I’m not saying that there are not police kicking off too. I’ve watched the videos, I’ve seen it. I’m just saying where possible, please protest safely . I’m trying to spread love for my friends

iPhone : His attitude is one that I had goosebumps listening to. He said he always tries to look forward, he wants to educate people, he doesn’t want people rioting in the streets for him. He wants people to protest peacefully and as I said ‘educate people’. Protest safely for our friends

iPhone : I just bumped into my neighbour, a young black man and we had the most amazing conversation about what’s going on in the world. He himself grew up in an area where racism was rampant, had many sad dealings with brutal law enforcement. But.......

iPhone : Let’s protest safely people. look out for each other. It’s time to really educate the younger generations that there should not be hatred based on the colour of the next persons skin. Only love.I go to bed tonight thinking of all my friends in America and hope they are safe ❤️