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iPhone : Jason Campbell Wait, are you the “miserable lives” landlord John Oliver talked about the other day? 😂…
(Fast-forward to 8:46 if the link doesn’t do it automatically)

Twitter Web App : EK Smith Museum Here’s a tape cover I made for my second band, The Monsters, from when I was 13 – probably illustrated with a ballpoint pen, typeset on my family’s typewriter, reproduced on the photocopier at my mom’s office. Also a photo of me from a year or two before that, for reference.

iPhone : “Immigration brings a wealth of diverse viewpoints, drives innovation and creative thinking, and is central to building the internet into a global public resource that is open and accessible to all.” Mozilla…

Twitter Web App : Type Directors Club One thing that immediately came to mind when reading this was the process for voting on new board members. It often feels like a formality that could benefit from mechanisms to vote *against* certain people from being appointed (separate from writing in alternate names).

Twitter Web App : Juan is an extremely warm, generous, talented person genuinely interested in bringing people together. He's definitely not a sensationalist bullshitter. That's why I’m deeply sad to read about his experience with the TDC. Please take some time to understand his point of view.…

Twitter Web App : I don’t speak Spanish, but I’m still thoroughly enjoying all the amazing historical typography Fernando Díaz (from Tipotype) is showing right now in the TypeLab Americas channel:…

iPhone : Happy Emancipation Day!

Just a few facts:The US was 3rd to last in the Americas to abolish slavery.

The Emancipation Proclamation came abt partially because enslaved people were self-liberating by the thousands. Don’t let them tell you we just waited to be free.


iPhone : Hey sweets 👋🏾 Most people might not know that the Juneteenth Flag (left) is different from the Pan African flag (right). While they are both used to signify black unity, their meanings are different.

Twitter Web App : If you enjoy absurd type nerdery, pull up a seat for Jean-Baptiste Levée’s talk about “a fun side-project cataloguing all geographical places named ‘font’ in France”. Starting now in the TypeLab Europe channel:…