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iPhone : Thomas A. Lukaszuk Like it or not; the federal gov’t is helping lead Albertans out of the pandemic. Enough with the wexit/anti-Canada/Trudeau-hates-us BS.

How much more does the Fed’s need to do to prove themselves to Albertans and what does Kenney need to do to show us he has no plan to help?

iPhone : If you want to know “Why Rodeos Nicko?” - because it’s a wedge issue that divides Albertans who likely support rodeos in rural regions and those in larger municipalities or no attachment to them (like #YEG)


iPhone : FYI; Kenney taking about rodeos as Alberta's “official sport” has accomplished EXACTLY what he wanted;

To change the conversation from his disastrous budget and his ongoing attacks on Alberta’s teachers, nurses, and front line health care workers

iPhone : International Investors go to places that:

✅ Value Citizens & the Environment
✅ Invest in key infrastructure
✅ Fund post secondary education

Fact is, investors avoid places that execute what Kenney’s attempted, including his negligent social experiments with covid.

iPhone : Emma Deady The one thing this pandemic has done is solicited solid, open, and candid conversations with my friends about topics of mental health and personal relationships.

It’s been illuminating and necessary. I’ve been so humble and blessed to have been given this opportunity.