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Bio Extremism is taking a country out of the EU that voted 62% to remain.
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Twitter Web App : Reuters Humans going the way of the horse. Bring on fully automated luxury communism (until, of course, the robots rebel).

Twitter Web App : The company behind Sophia the robot has a new vision: to mass-produce thousands of robots by the end of 2021

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Twitter Web App : Rupert Murdoch has vandalized our democracy in pursuit of money and influence. He is despicable.…

Twitter Web App : Mark Jacob I still haven't had an answer regards how he flew into Britain and was one of the first vaccinated, does he even have an NHS number?

Android : Julie Owen Moylan Completely white washed by the media, just imagine if you called for the extermination and "solution" of another race than the Scots. Imagine if it was a Scottish politician. We've all had enough of this exceptionalist nonsense. Now calling for the denial of democracy is scary.

Android : Duncan Morrow As polling has shown majority support for a Referendum in Northern Ireland, then as per the Good Friday agreement the Secretary of state for Northern Ireland must call a Referendum. I would be surprised if the UK lasts 5 years.

Android : Duncan Morrow Regards the broken promises of the Vow, Devo Max and "Union of Equals" we can't forget this less than 6 weeks after the 2014 Scottish referendum.…

Android : Duncan Morrow As its Burns night and Boris Johnson announces his intention to head to Scotland to save the union, let us all remember the poem he published as editor of the Spectator.

Android : The real problem with a reform proposal for the union is that the UK government can't be trusted to deliver it. Trust a government that just implemented an Internal Market Bill against devolved government opposition? Tricky.…