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Twitter Web App : Phil Jimenez Floyd still would have died and more will die and that's the problem! Ever since the revolving door attack ad on Dukakis was used the DNC fears any sort of criminal justice reform and police enforcement reform.

Twitter Web App : Phil Jimenez There is no part of any non progressive candidate that addresses police brutality on their platform. In fact in many states such as mine the DNC is as bad with crime as the GOP and they are pushing for criminalizing innocent people through the civil court system.

Twitter Web App : Phil Jimenez The problem with this sentiment is while HRC is no where near as evil as trump, she had no plan on her platform to deal with police brutality. This still would have happened. In fact the dnc still has no plan to deal with brutality. She wouldn't have gassed clergy though.

Twitter Web App : the Trump administration teargassed clergy outside St. John's so the president could have his picture taken in front of the church…

Twitter Web App : In the Rose Garden, Trump says he is an “ally of all peaceful protestors” as the world watched peaceful protestors being tear gassed outside of the WH gates.

Twitter Web App : Peter Baker Nina Thats called Quarantine! It saved lives... even though it has since been proven not one quarantne worked and only social distancing worked.... IT SAVED LIVED

Twitter Web App : Considered the most grand Victorian home in America, located in Old Town, Eureka, California, regarded as one of the highest executions of American Queen Anne Style architecture.

Twitter Web App : George Takei That may be true. At least 15,000 of them are FoB ... especially the female of the species. Her death toll would have been that much smaller.


Twitter Web App : This fucker defended the police driving over protesters. DO NOT FORGET THAT WHILE YOU READ HIS TWEET.…

Twitter Web App : Sabra Berger I also suggest you use the wayback machine to look at her comments on race and police abuse. She had no plans to address it on a national stage. THIS STILL WOULD HAVE HAPPENED.

Twitter Web App : Sabra Berger They should've primaried for someone who didn't piss all over the public and say vote for me or you get the devil. She wouldn't have stopped Floyd's death, because she helped kill men like floyd by vocally pushing for the 1994 crime bill and never apologized for it.

Twitter Web App : Dear fundamentalist Christian Trump supporters: If Obama had held the Bible backwards and upside down, you would immediately have called him the Antichrist.