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Bio Chercheuse franco-americaine, explorer of all things, Maman, PhD, looking into infant language acquisition, play, symbols, and learning (she/her)
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Android : Excited to attend #vICIS2020 this week. I am not sure how I will handle daycare but I am delighted to be a part of it since I couldn't go to beautiful Glasgow. 👏👏👏

Android : #Screentime as an imagination killer? Provocative new research suggesting that more screentime interferes with imagination in kids 3 to 9.… #parents #education

Android : Roman Mars I would go with 'zed or zee' and play The Wiggles alphabet song in the background That's how my toddler thought the letter was pronounced for a very long time. Cover all you bases for world domination.

Android : On #WorldPressFreedomDay we say thank you to those around the world delivering the news during a global pandemic #ThankYouJournalists

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Android : Infants growing up in adversity may be the most vulnerable to the changes in proposed WHO funding changes. SRCD has developed a statement that we at ISDP endorse. SRCD Statement on the U.S. Government Withholding Funding for the World Health Organization…

Android : Kuddos to his teacher, who made the most of a tough new situation. The kids were so delighted to see each other and their teacher. A few kinks need to be worked out (and the duration of class shortened for sure) but I'm in awe of the teachers good will, flexibility and innovation

Android : My 4yo Saturday French school decided to maintain virtual classes, so 15 4yo are talking over each other on google meet right now... folly you say? #ParentingInAPandemic #AcademicTwitter #SaturdayMorning #coronavirus