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Bio I do art but Im also tired all the time. aka Kerfuffle or CommonlyNonsensical, she/her, I like video games and McHanzo.

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Android : if you guys think this Tweetfic is taking too long then I can assure you that I agree

turns out that you get a little tired managing four newbies and a possible plague outbreak at work

I just want 'em to smooch too

Android : Later, after a shower and breakfast and the strongest coffee Overwatch's coffee maker can conjure, McCree checks his phone again to find the bastard *left him on read.*

McCree considers the logistics of fleeing the country versus jumping off Gibraltar's cliffs.

Android : He waits a while. No response, even though right now Hanzo is probably just settling down on his shuttle with nowhere else to go and nothing else to do.

McCree tosses his phone and heads for he bathroom. No sense in driving himself mad waiting.

His chest still aches.

Android : Eventually, he settles on a combination of options: truth stuck between casual statements like the middle of a shitty sandwich.

[Good luck out there. Had a good time last night. I'll leave your hair thing by your door.]

Android : Instead, McCree had been just drunk enough to be pleasantly hazy, carried along on a current of vague warmth and touch and happiness instead of making sure to take it all in--just in case he didn't get to again.

McCree flops back on the bed and throws an arm over his eyes. Fuck.

Android : He doesn't think he can, though.

McCree almost wishes he hadn't drank so much, because then maybe he would have had the presence of mind to really enjoy the whole thing. He'd have had the chance to memorize the feel of Hanzo's skin under his fingers, the contours of his lips.

Android : [Meant to ask when you'd be back--]
[So listen--]
[By the way you owe me for the whiskey--]

He growls and tosses his phone on the bed. How does he even start to address this? Everything feels too casual or too loaded, dismissive or demanding. Should he keep pretending?

Android : It wasn't a one-night stand. Those are easy. But he can't just chalk it up to fulfilling a mutual need when they didn't actually get that far, and Hanzo isn't some stranger he'll never see again. Hanzo's a friend. One for whom McCree's had not-so-platonic feelings for some time.

Android : [I dunno about you, but last night was pretty fun.]

McCree doesn't remember how it ended other than falling asleep with Hanzo awkwardly tucked against the wall. The bed was too small for them both. Now it feels too big for just him.

He sighs at his phone again. His chest aches.

Android : They laughed it off, which turned to half-joking I'm-down-if-you-ares, which led to another kiss. One with more intent. Then another.

They didn't even sleep together. McCree ended up in Hanzo's lap by the end, slowly grinding as they made out. Really just "fooling around."

Android : This is not a situation where everyone wins.

#RWBY returns on February 6th

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Android : [Hope you had a good greasy breakfast to wash down all that whiskey.]

It hadn't even been that much. Some joking flirting that became less joking. Some quips about how long it had been for each of them, skirting around the darker thoughts of loneliness. Somehow, their lips met.