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Twitter Web App : She’s right you know: “KKK members & Donald J. Trump supporters didn’t do that...I know Republicans didn’t do this...”


#Vote RED!

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Twitter Web App : 'ALL LIVES MATTER'

President Trump signed 'BORN ALIVE' Executive Order aimed at PROTECTING ABORTION SURVIVORS


Joe Biden & Nancy Pelosi,Roman Catholics, voted for/supported/funded the deaths of over 50,000,000 'unborn' via abortion the last 47 years…

Twitter Web App : This should go directly to a floor vote. Why should a well-vetted appointee be subjected to another Dem horror show? Hearings are not necessitated by the Constitution, and with the guarantee of more of the Dems atrocious behavior here, this one should be bypassed.

Twitter Web App : New texts General Flynn FRAMED

Obama’s fingerprints ALL over this

It was a TOP DOWN Operation!
Sidney Powell 🇺🇸⭐⭐⭐

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Twitter Web App : Is Joe Biden ok? Biden's brain freeze & labored breathing during interview with MSNBC raises more questions about his health. (video) -TGP

Why has Joe put the lid on 10 of 26 days?

Could Joe ever perform the duties of President (health & unqualified)?…

Twitter Web App : Mary Ann Michael Absolutely! And that includes many in the Dems MSM who have [knowingly] been part of this attempted coup. A free press is not free to participate in crime. Propaganda is one thing, but criminal collusion is something very different.

Twitter Web App : I expect a complete disinformation campaign against Amy Coney Barrett.

I expect them to try to separate the right by saying she is a deep state infiltrant.

I also expect them to make her Christianity, Constitutionality, and her belief in life attack points.


Twitter Web App : 🔴 Watch LIVE: President Trump Holds Campaign Event in Middletown, PA 9/26 at 7pm EST

President Trump nominated Judge Barrett at 5pm, now to PA!

The WINNING Formula is to
DO What You Say You Will Do, and

Twitter Web App : Joe Biden lied about his college and law school, did he really go to college at all? 🤔

He can't keep his lies straight 🤣😂🤣

Joe Biden's Claim of Having Attended Historically Black College Refuted by School 😳👈…

Twitter Web App : What is looks like when ENTHUSIASM meets STAMINA🤩
MASSIVE overflow crowd in Middletown, PA awaiting our tireless President Trump Donald J. Trump to arrive from DC after his official nomination of #AmyConeyBarrett to SCOTUS.

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Twitter Web App : Dem lawmaker Vernon Jones:

√Trump's work for Black Community 'unparalleled to any other President past 50 years '

President Trump 'Platinum Plan' nearly $500 billon increase in Black Community access to economic capital

√Biden/Obama no plan for Blacks…

Twitter Web App : Democrats are attacking Amy Coney Barrett for adopting 2 kids🤬

They legally adopted them and those kids have a far better life than in an orphanage!

This is a good woman being attacked for being a good woman😳

This is just SICK!

Skip the hearings and go straight to the vote

Twitter Web App : 🚨Christine Blasey Ford 2.0 Alert
It’s only a matter of time before Democrats & their MSM lapdogs start pimping out former People of Praise member Coral Theill in an effort to attack&smear #AmyConeyBarrett& Catholicism: forewarned is forearmed

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Twitter Web App : Obama's scandals ARE Biden's scandals😑

Dems claim Obama never had a scandal, they're lying like a Persian rug🙄👈

Don't vote for Biden, he's a ssssssssnake!!🐍


Fast & Furious
Open borders
Illegal FISA warrants
ISIS support
Politicized DOJ & FBI

Twitter Web App : “Karen” from California was caught tearing down Donald J. Trump signs.
CRAZY “Karen” was asked if she smoked meth
“Karen” said “I don’t have to smoke anything to be stupid!”
“Karen” IS stupid.
DON’T be a “Karen.”

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Twitter Web App : We should ALL aspire to have THIS👇🏻level of self-confidence👍

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Twitter Web App : Latam for Trump present at Rally Boat Flotilla in North Carolina. Thank you for everything dear Amy Kremer ❤️🇺🇸 #MAGA Donald J. Trump Ivanka Trump Donald Trump Jr. Kimberly Guilfoyle Kayleigh McEnany) 's Twitter Profile">Kayleigh McEnany Kayleigh McEnany) 's Twitter Profile">Kayleigh McEnany Kaya Jones LORI HENDRY

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