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iPhone : Dear President Barack Obama,

Sir, you are still our President, and for many us, you always will be.

Your election was one of the proudest days of my life.

Our cities are on fire. Our people are hurting.

Will you consider speaking to the country?

We need your voice right now.

iPhone : An ARMY of volunteers in Minneapolis helping neighbors clean up business damage. “Bring a broom” they were told. What a sight.

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iPhone : .Lawrence ODonnell: "Those 4 police officers were not fired because of what they did on the street. They were fired because of what 17-year-old Darnella Frazier did on that street. She pressed record on her phone...videoing the police knee on George Floyd's neck."

iPhone : This is not something a President will say, Sir! If you were not afraid, why you didn’t go out, to speak to the people?To tell them that you mourn with them. That you understand their anger. Their hopefulness. To tell them that you care....but I’m day dreaming..... You don’t. twitter.com/realdonaldtrum…

iPhone : America is burning because America is in pain, angry, suffering, grieving, agonizing, traumatized. If you think any of this is making America great again, you’re part of the problem. America is broken, and needs love, healing, and most of all leadership.

iPhone : The George Floyd protest outside of Donald Trump’s bedroom is growing. I love it.

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Twitter Web App : NowThis Bless these reporters who sat and waited to be handed another word salad, this time on China and Hong Kong, spewed at them only to watch his ass as he walked away without letting them do their job.

Not like the US has anything pressing occuring.

Twitter Web App : This was not a press conference nor was it worth the wait.

No discussion of Minnesota, Louisville, or the dumpster fires we have on our hands now.

Just wrong stats on 'Wuhan Virus' & that we are withdrawing from the WHO while miss annunciating Hong Kong.


Twitter Web App : NowThis This isn't really a sudden conference considering he has reporters waiting 40 minutes so far on him.

Hard to follow Biden, Donnie?