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Buffer : 👧👦 The first 3 years of a child’s life are critical to development, learning & well-being

But not all children under 3 may have the same access to early childhood education & care centres

Read why equity matter in our 🆕 report 👉 oe.cd/il/36Q


Twitter for iPad : This is a time to recommit to education, better & differently, reaching beyond our circles.
It demands innovation, peer learning & expanded partnerships - education for the future we want Stefania Giannini head #education UNESCO #HLPF2020 #SDG4

⬆ info 👉 sdg4education2030.org/education-post…

Twitter Web App : Starting soon: Join Andreas Schleicher and Jaime Saavedra as they discuss Egypt’s education response to the #coronavirus #COVID19 crisis with the country’s education minister

Details and registration for this #LessonsForEducation webinar 👉 oecdedutoday.com/oecd-education…

Twitter Web App : 🗨️ "Better aligning higher education with the labour market should be a policy priority for countries as they recover from the #coronavirus #COVID19 crisis"

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Twitter Web App : 🆕 Just released: Labour Market Relevance and Outcomes of Higher Education in Four US States - #Ohio, #Texas, #Virginia and #Washington

👉 oe.cd/il/38a pic.twitter.com/ScFV2iEjjy

Twitter Web App : The #COVID19 crisis is not having the same impact on all workers: Young people & women will be among the most affected by joblessness.

More in the 🆕 #EmploymentOutlook ➡️ oe.cd/EMO20 pic.twitter.com/M1U12FLiin

Twitter Web App : The #coronavirus crisis has reminded us that the ability to navigate ambiguity and distinguish fact from opinion are important skills.

In this 🆕 piece from J v Reppert-Bismarck and me, we look at how to tackle the #COVID19 "infodemic" 👇



Twitter Web App : 🗨️ "Education has an important role to play in helping students, teachers and indeed the broader public understand what evidence to trust during the #coronavirus #COVID19 crisis" 👇



Twitter Web App : 🚸 #TALISStartingStrong is the 1st international survey focused on carers & educators of children under 3

How do they interact with children?

Are there differences in early childhood education and care quality within countries?

Read the 🆕 report 👉 oe.cd/il/36Q pic.twitter.com/lB0Ho6Yaa5

Twitter Web App : #Coronavirus has shown the importance of early childhood education and care 🧒

Surveyed before #COVID19, most staff who care for and educate children under 3 said they do not feel society values their work

Read the 🆕 report 👉 oe.cd/il/36Q


Twitter Web App : Jetzt noch schnell anmelden für unser #Webinar! Heute geht es um frühkindliche Bildung und die Sicht von pädagogischen Fachkräften auf Arbeitsbedingungen, Lernansätze und Zukunftsperspektiven. Seien Sie dabei ⤵
events.oecd-berlin.de/events.html?id… #TALISStartingStrong

Twitter Web App : Just released: 🆕 Quality Early Childhood Education and Care for Children Under Age 3 – Results from the Starting Strong Survey 2018

👉 oe.cd/il/36Q

#TALISStartingStrong pic.twitter.com/euCaF4KPsC

Twitter Web App : 🎥 Catch up: #LessonsForEducation from Colombia 🇨🇴 webinar

Andreas Schleicher discusses Colombia's education response to the #coronavirus #COVID19 crisis with local and international experts

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