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Twitter Web App : All while on seeing patients every day clinic. I have this habit of filling rest time with to dos, and I need to learn how to chill. So on my first free weekend not on call or coming off nights since May, I am going to take a 24 hour period to do absolutely nothing. Can't wait.

Twitter Web App : In the first week of August I have:
-Submitted a case report for publication
-Started planning an event for the two institutions that share my hospital
-Studied for Step 3 of the boards
-Worked on another publication to submit later this month
-Prepped my journal club lecture

Twitter Web App : Unsurprisingly, this article cites another article that came out of Duke academia (that we protested against) when I was an undergrad, which suggested that Black Duke students were less qualified to attend due to higher rates of selecting or switching into non-STEM majors.…

Android : Several times a day I delete drafts on here about paging etiquette. Because half the folks in the hospital make consulting way harder than it needs to be.

Still happy to see him/her! 😁

Android : He went to a 45 rally and took maskless pics with pride just a month ago. Then yesterday someone was tweeting this from his account while the guy was actively dying in an ICU from COVID. I am flabbergasted.…

Android : With the update to Twitter that let's you see all the folks who retweet you with comments, I worked my way back to my first viral tweet and read a bunch of them and sheesh 🥺 It's special to know you had a story that inspired and resonated with so many.

Android : If anyone's still reading, it's not just that most doctors want Trump to be wrong. There are multiple trials testing various drugs. Tocilizumab, a drug not sponsored by him, was recently shown to have no effect on clinical improvement or mortality. We carry on. This is science.

Android : It's easy to point to lack of discernment for folks who want to believe Dr. Immanuel's claim that HCQ is the cure, but it's not that simple. There's a real lack of trust in physicians particularly from African-Americans. This HCQ debacle plays right into that unfortunately.

Twitter Web App : The ORCHID trial does this. And essentially what they determined is that giving HCQ doesn't necessarily hurt COVID patients, but it doesnt help them either. It's basically the same effect as taking Pepto-Bismol for Covid.

Twitter Web App : The best studies to determine if a drug works are not retrospective (looking back). Ideally they are prospective (looking forward) and have test subjects who are representative of the entire study population. You also want to limit as many confounding variables as possible.