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Twitter Web App : Jerry: He offered you a red pill and a blue pill?
George: Two pills, no water
Jerry: No water?
George: No water
Jerry: Cant take a pill without water
George: Never could
Jerry: So what’d you do?
George: I left. I’m not choking down a dry pill
Kramer enters in a leather coat

Twitter Web App : flower king cooper Depending if you're using Placidus or Whole Signs, I have Mars rx in Aries 1H (placidus) / 2H (whole signs). Pretty rules-abiding kid, but also one of the obnoxious high achievers.

Android : Ive become so used to binding that today I violently bashed my body, nipple-first, into the corner of an armchair because I wasnt binding and I had forgotten about having breasts


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Android : My whole body is bracing to get raged at or cut out. I have zero idea how likely either of those outcomes are but according to my body it is both of them, at once, right now

Android : Whurf. Sent a strongly worded message to family about my name change & respecting my identity and personhood. Most of them dont need the reminder but...

Anyway so now I feel vaguely sick and shakey, hurray