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Twitter Web App : CNN’s Christopher C. Cuomo mocked Trump yesterday for using chloroquine as a preventive treatment for Covid-19.

As it turns out, he used a synthetic derivative of chloroquine in his own corona treatment regimen according to his wife’s blog posts.

I present, a very Fredo story.

Twitter Web App : #America if a drug was approved by the #FDA such as #Hydroxychloroquine 55 years ago & is being prescribed by many Doctors presently, also being taken by first responders to prevent COVID-19 !! WTF IS ALL THE HYSTERIA WITH THE DEVILCRATS & MSM 🤔 STOP MAKING THIS POLITICAL !

Twitter Web App : 🔴🔵.⁦President Trump⁩ announced he is taking Hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure against COVID-19 with his doctor’s approval.🔴🔵There have been many studies by doctors prescribing this with great results. So, why not? It’s been approved by the FDA! foxnews.com/politics/trump…

Twitter Web App : Never again should America allow the forceful suspension of our freedoms, in the name of false security.

I believe the Democrats will attempt this #coronavirus scamdemic again in the fall and we need to resist them at all costs.

The future of our nation depends on it. 🇺🇸

Twitter Web App : It's darn near impossible to find an ethical (prescribed) drug with a safer side-effects profile & longer history than #Hydroxychloroquine!

I know scores of Docs & RNs taking it prophylactically while they're on COVID-19's front lines! twitter.com/michaeljohns/s…

Twitter Web App : ABC & the rest of the MSM tell you only what they want you to know. Control the media & you can control peoples minds.

Giant Slayers™ is a grassroots anti-censorship movement that fights for the right for all opinions to be heard w/o repercussions.


Twitter Web App : MaggieRedBoots Loves #Trump2020 #MAGA Not a Bot Battle Born ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Totally correct
#Fact The lands known as Israel&Palestine were always Jewish lands until Romans stole them 2000 yrs ago&named them Palestinia
The so called Palestinian flag pre 1939 shows exactly who those lands belong to When Abbas/Hamas/Hezbollah are gone peace will reign there

Twitter Web App : Far Left Hate Watch ❌Labour is a racist endeavour Nick Griffin Mark Collett remember Griffin went to Syria in his guise as a MEP stood right beside Assad, and said the world should support that murderous ISIS supporting scum bag. Assad is committing Genocide in Syria, but, Oh wait, so did his Nazi friends, so hes standing true to form I'd say. bastards

Twitter Web App : Good Job Utah! First you give us Mittens the POS Romney...
Now you Allow Prayer from Imam, who's on a Terror Watch List.
THIS is what 8 Years of being PC'd gets you!
Diversity in Utah: Imam on Terror Watch List Delivers Prayer at State Senate wp.me/p4hgqZ-OyY

Twitter Web App : Cavuto sounds just like the closet Liberal we all know he is!

Trump lives his convictions!
I'd stand with Trump.
I do stand with Trump!

Cavuto's Trump hate is distasteful! But, such is today's Fox News


Twitter Web App : #WakeUpAmericans!
We have the Perpetrators Investigating Themselves!
"Christopher Wray Is Part of the Deep State - He's Resisting - He Doesn't Want this Stuff to Come Out" - Judge Jeanine BLASTS Corrupt FBI Director (VIDEO) thegatewaypundit.com/2020/05/christ… via Jim Hoft