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Bio Writer of tv and books, occasional columns. Best known for Dr Who, Sarah Jane Adventures, array of soap operas. Appallingly devoid of dignity.
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Twitter for iPad : Behind the scenes of β€˜Are You Being Served: The Movie’. (1977) The staff from tv’s side-splitting department store share a joke between takes with revolutionary Cesar (Glyn Houston)

Twitter for iPad : Coronation Street (4th July 1966). The film club descends into chaos when a nudist film pops up (ahem). Ena is incensed (its sodom and gomorrah) whilst Minnie is curious (is it a Hitchcock?). Yet more wonderful work from the pen of Jack Rosenthal.

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Twitter for iPad : I'm going to be staying in Upper Slaughter next week. But of all the ridiculous place names in England, Breasty Haw is still the most ridiculous.

Twitter for iPad : Who FX I’m fascinated by young people asking googlable questions of other people on the Internet. I think it must be a social thing, a bonding reflex? Quite heartening I think. When the old do it I just think β€˜silly codger’.

Twitter for iPad : Jon Hollis Twitter The thing about an edit button is, for example, you’d like a tweet saying β€˜Look at this adorable puppy’ and then the original tweeter might change it to, say, β€˜Pol Pot had the right bloody idea’. Imagine the ensuing cancelgeddon.

Twitter for iPad : "Just to play devil's advocate for a moment - isn't the devil AMAZING?"