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Twitter Web App : The Hill There must be some legal recourse when a Representative of the House of Representatives accuses Police of Murder when no such evidence exists. This is slander and libel if done by any other American Citizen.

Twitter Web App : Explosive Senate investigation on Hunter Biden reveals illegal activity that should be referred to DOJ for possible criminal indictment.

BREAKING: Hunter Biden Received Millions From Wife Of Ex-Moscow Mayor, Paid Suspects Allegedly Tied To Trafficking…

Twitter Web App : Take 4 minutes & view this ad featuring Rep. Ben Crenshaw.

You will be inspired to #FightBack.


Twitter Web App : Jeffrey Theall Hold2 TX has 30 million people and just over 10k deaths. NY has 20 million people, and 32,600 deaths... Only a moron would try to say that NY has handled this better than TX. NY just killed off a sizable portion of their most vulnerable over the course of a few weeks.

Twitter Web App : If you are in a car with your family and BLM and ANTIFA around your car, what will you do?

Twitter Web App : Just learned that 2nd Circuit denied Joy Reid’s petition for en banc or full panel review of 3-Judge panel’s opinion in favor of my client, Roslyn La Liberte.

I will soon be spending some quality time with Joy Reid in her deposition on cross-examination under oath.


Twitter Web App : Tim Scott With all due respect Senator, could you please review all of the facts before you make a statement like this? #BreonnaTaylor is a life lesson for sure. Don't allow your home to used for selling illegal drugs, and don't let your boyfriend shoot at police officers.

Twitter Web App : James Woods Dread Head or no Dread Head, he's no Cowboy. A Cowboy would never treat his horse that way.
"Dread Head Punk ass Bitch" is more like it.

Twitter Web App : We are about to expose the largest voter fraud scheme in American history and it’s worse than you could have ever imagined.

Project Veritas doesn’t quit and your support has been critical in our success.