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iPhone : A story of loneliness, love and loose connections, Set My Heart to Five is a hilarious, touching, dazzlingly perceptive debut novel, and a profound exploration of what it truly means to be human.


iPhone : Happy book day to Simon Stephenson! A writer so good, we factually do not deserve him. This book blew my heart out. I love it so much. Out today in the U.K. I promise it will make you forget about *gestures everywhere* all this for every gorgeous minute you spend in its pages.

iPhone : Emma Mitchell Yep, I have ordered a few exciting things and can’t wait to fill the gaps. I hope you enjoy this video, which has an added bonus because I had a bacon sandwich for breakfast... you’ll see.

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iPhone : Emma Mitchell I am sorry to say I pulled them up. The rest of the garden was bursting into life and looking at those two plants was just making me sad and stressed. Gonna do you a little video now as I am here. Forgive the takeover by paddling pool and trampoline!

iPhone : It’s not funny anymore is it. Our relatives and friends and front line workers have died and these guys just waffle on in some careerist Odyssey of Lies.

iPhone : Lauri Donahue Noah Harald I’m thinking less about that and more about how I get them to adulthood without their mental health completely falling apart. This generation are already so burdened with our ideas of what they are going to save us from. It’s part of the problem.

iPhone : Imagine how terrifying it must be to protest and face down cops you know are capable of taking your life and not blinking. #BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

iPhone : I am CURSED. Disgusting, humping pigeons putting me off my coffee AGAIN. Dog taking this PRECISE moment to suddenly not care that there are INTERLOPERS in his yard. GET LOST, SICK BIRDLES.

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