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Twitter Web App : I will never forget how heartbroken I was watching Mrs Kavanaughs face ! Kamala did this ! She deserves shame for behavior!

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Twitter Web App : Here is a commercial I made😏

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Twitter Web App : Rep. Jim Jordan gets the dream job of the year...questioning the Liar in wait Hillary.

She previously stated several mistruths to the committee and Jordan was there to clean it up.

Jordan needs to be speaker of the house after the Landslide. If you agree RT below.

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Twitter Web App : Hypocrisy is saying you want criminal justice reform, then nominating a corrupt former prosecutor to be VP.

Twitter Web App : Update: Judge Orders Texas Father to Pay $5,000 a Month So His Ex-Wife Can "Transition" Son James Into a Girl Named "Luna" thegatewaypundit.com/2020/08/update… via Jim Hoft

Twitter Web App : Brett struggles with facts twitter.com/Rasmussen_Poll…

Twitter Web App : This makes me sick! Joe Rogan and team discusses Kamala Harris’ time as DA. There’s no greater threat to our Republic than a prosecutor that abuses their authority to wrongfully deprive someone of their liberty and freedom. #prosecutorialmisconduct

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Twitter Web App : The real concern is that he thinks he's in a buffet line... and of couse he has to touch everything. Oh, I see he found the "scratch and sniff" book. 😉😉 twitter.com/WeAreTheMillie…

Twitter Web App : “Without a Doubt Hydroxychloroquine Protocols Helped Me – I Was Symptom Free in 4 Days” – Congressman Louie Gohmert Speaks Out on His Bout with COVID-19.


Twitter Web App : Hooray twitter.com/ezridersos/sta…

Twitter Web App : All the best to you!! @sarahhuck twitter.com/LikeFineWine63…

Twitter Web App : Only way to get attention, his acting talent won't do it twitter.com/Herbert_L_Reed…

Twitter Web App : [VIDEO] Kamala Harris Calls Young People Age 18-24 "Really Stupid" in Shocking Speech. **Her expression in this picture... waynedupree.com/2020/08/kamala…