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iPhone : Oskaer 🧬 MSNBC was part of the #BernieBlackout and THEN aired this Hocus pocus nonsense.

These mental gymnastics, I tell you..

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iPhone : I don’t know what’s worse, letting the man Biden told ‘you ain’t Black’ talk or the fact that MSNBC is pro-Bernie..

iPhone : I think Ann Coulter is losing it for a different reason you shouldn’t be cheering for. twitter.com/kmarurade/stat…

iPhone : You wouldn’t catch me in such a public gathering even in the pre-covid world 🤢.

Sometimes not liking people comes in handy. twitter.com/markmobility/s…

iPhone : It wasn’t just silly smears like Bernie the whole system was utilized against Corbyn. Sometimes, we underestimate their power. twitter.com/allthatchas/st…

iPhone : Stand in solidarity with the New Orleans sanitation workers protesting over poor and hazardous working conditions ..


iPhone : Ken I feel the same about Trump and Biden and It’s hard to separate Biden from Trump based on Biden’s own record. Biden was handpicked by the DNC and their elite sponsors with the help of liberal media.

iPhone : QuinOfKing Agree his base doesn’t care but criminal justice reform appeals to all black voters,Trump is using it to get votes(like Dems do)but it’s an issue disregarded by both parties and only brought up every four years disaffecting many AA voters

literally beating them at their own game

iPhone : QuinOfKing They really are not trolling, Trump is literally running on justice reform. I know up is down lately but they are taking advantage of the Democrats lack of interest in justice reform because they believe they already have the Black vote.

iPhone : Pinning the demise of America on Trump when both Trump and Biden serve the same corrupt system is an exaggeration. Why do you think a fake populist is the president now? twitter.com/kenkolsh/statu…

iPhone : Liberals Stanning Ann Coulter for attacking Trump for being a weak racist is why we ended up with Joe Biden..

These people don’t care about anything other than getting rid of Trump.


iPhone : The same liberals that talk about how unjust the system is against Black people will be the first ones to pull the ‘oh you want to re-elect Trump’ card when Black people ask for policies..


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