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Bio A grumpy old man in the making, prone to regular rants when watching Chelsea. Proud to be English and British. Love Europe not EU. Parler - @OssieBlue
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Twitter Web App : SNP government has published emails showing it continued a legal fight with Alex Salmond despite its lawyers advising it was likely to lose. Vast sums of taxpayer dosh have been blown because of SNP infighting – and they tried to hide this advice from us! Scotland in 2021, folks!

Android : Cannot believe BBC have made a program looking into why so many Ethic minorities have died from Covid 19....and exposes the inequality in the NHS...I didn’t hear any stipulations put on your ethnicity when the call went out to get vaccinated....BBC really need stop with this crap

Android : Not a scintilla of respect for this horse. If Gordon Elliott finds a dead animal amusing what respect does he show to the live animals he trains? He should be banned from working in the racing industry - but no doubt money will talk.

Twitter Web App : The Guardian, ITN and The Economist are all still taking money from the Government’s Covid-19 furlough scheme. The Spectator took some last Spring -- and handed it all back in the summer when it realised it didn't need it.

Android : I Support our Prime Minister and government 100% but feel like screaming when I see nothing being done about the illegal migrants. Is that a bad thing, am I being impatient?

Android : If you live in Hackney London & vote for Diane Abbott then you’re clearly an idiot.
Especially if you agree with her on her views on stop & search.
So many knives taken off the street by the police.
Get real & vote Abbott out!

Twitter Web App : A good half of football from both teams, but sadly very little if anything from the very much overhyped Zyech.
I'd put Pulisic on at half time for Zyech

Android : .Priti Patel, all talk, no results on the two key threats in Britain - illegal migration, London knife crime.
And whatever happened to the Aussie Tony Abbott working with us, he knew a bit about managing illegal migration? twitter.com/BavariaVon/sta…