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Twitter Web App : If youve never heard a fox laugh, you’re welcome!

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Twitter Web App : This FDR-style “spending blitz” is:
- equivalent of 0.2% of GDP
- isn’t actually new money
- comes after Tories announced £600bn on capital spending over 5 years in Budget
- is a drop in ocean compared with cuts over last 10 years
So not really FDR-style at all. twitter.com/mirrorpolitics…

Twitter Web App : The Trashies on the last day of sixth form during English, a student wearing a Bon Jovi top came him with his guitar, and sang the song including the doing the whispering bit "let me be your hero" at the start

Twitter Web App : ℹ Our Media Guidelines are here to give helpful advice on how to cover the topic of suicide safely.

If you’re talking about suicide on social media take care to avoid speculative, alarmist comments which may fuel people’s anxiety, and instead encourage people to seek help.

Twitter Web App : Farage knows what he's doing: endorse these comments, kick off a row amongst progressives. But it's a window of opportunity opened by Starmer himself, and one he can address by demonstrating the respect and understanding for BLM's police critique that he didn't in the interview. twitter.com/Nigel_Farage/s…

Twitter Web App : If we want to emulate Franklin Roosevelt we need a zero carbon army to get people back into work as part of a Green New Deal. My speech in Parliament earlier:

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Twitter Web App : Mat Hempell Paul Whelan David Aaronovitch Women's rights? Like to marry other women they fall in love with, or abortion rights which Baroness Nicholson has tried to erode? services.parliament.uk/Bills/2017-19/…

You don't care about women's rights, you're just indulging the same moral panic against trans people that gay people endured

Twitter Web App : Paul Whelan David Aaronovitch All you are showing here is that you just regard as opposition to gay rights as no big deal, and as long as they also oppose trans rights then you'll defend them. Nothing more to be said other than the anti-trans cult was always going to lead a broader anti-LGBTQ backlash.

Twitter Web App : Paul Whelan David Aaronovitch what is relevant is whether David Willetts issued a public statement (which you insultingly called innocuous in the case of Nicholson) trumpeting his vote against gay civil rights as vindicated, and there is only one reason for not understanding this, and that is bad faith

Twitter Web App : Paul Whelan David Aaronovitch She publicly spoke out to claim her vote against gay civil liberties had been vindicated. That led LGBTQ activists to demand the Booker Prize disassociate themselves from her. If Willetts had the same it would be a) a bigger story or b) lead to the same outcome.

Twitter Web App : Paul Whelan David Aaronovitch Baroness Nicholson has a longstanding anti-LGBTQ record which led to LGBTQ activists protesting against her a quarter of a century ago (though I'm sure you'd call the Lesbian Avengers misogynists). Her opposition to trans rights is consistent with that.

Twitter Web App : Mat Hempell David Aaronovitch You seemed to have entirely missed the point? LGBTQ authors called for the Booker Prize to sever links with Baroness Nicholson because she vocally defended her opposition to the right of same sex couples to get married on the basis it degraded the status of women