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iPhone : John Ferguson I really do try. But sometimes I’m tested too. And I genuinely mean this when I say and I’m very open here: I am finding it more and more difficult to be kind to those who lie, abuse power and are a cog in the machine that is destroying the country. I’m just being truly honest.

iPhone : Ken Craggs Justin Webb I’m not implying anything actually. I was, and am, just stating facts. When women in power have been caught breaking lockdown rules they have resigned. When men have been caught and in some cases, there is a national campaign for their resignation, there is no hint of it.

iPhone : Me watching myself reading tweets which say:

“let’s not make this about race”

“lets not make this about gender”

“lets not make this about class”

That’s not what we need right now.

#BlackLivesMatter #LAProtests #Resigned #Marr

iPhone : Frisian Alliance I know it’s simply a question. Hence I was very careful not to assume judgement on it as I said in the writing. I just said just google or look at what is trending right now under #resigned. It’s the reason I made the tweet. If you can’t find it more than happen then to expand!

iPhone : Frisian Alliance Just look at what is trending
& look at the case of Scotland a few weeks ago. You certainly may mean well but the fact that the question is asked is worrying. And acts as deflection to the issue. You may not have meant it like that at all. But that is what is certainly acts as.

iPhone : Please note the STRONG trend that women in power who have broken lock down rules resigned. And did so publicly. Should they have resigned? Absolutely. Should they have thought they were above the rules to break them? Absolutely not. But please note this trend. And yes #NotAllMen.

iPhone : If you watch anything today, watch this. Police openly firing on the press. If you learn of anyone today, learn of Hannah Arendt. Who escaped the Nazi Germany and became of the greatest writers on fascism. If you read anything today, read her warning below:

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iPhone : imran khan Ok I don’t agree entirely due to the rise of new communication. But for arguments sake, let’s say I take what you say to be absolutely true. This is still warranted? You would rather this or not highlight it, because all press is evil. So this doesn’t bother you? Truly wondering.

iPhone : Paul McDonald How she had the ability not be able to think, analyse and see her situation and the world political context so clearly when she was physically living will forever not shock me. I also learnt she had been inprisoned by the Gestapo and only then fled. Such trauma and such insight.

iPhone : “The moment we no longer have a free press, anything can happen. What makes it possible for a dictatorship to rile is that people are not informed; How can you have an opinion if you are not informed? If everybody always lies to you, the consequences is not that you believe the