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Twitter Web App : I'm on pins and needles for my next podcast episode to drop! I think it could be a financial GAME CHANGER for many people in my audience!

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Hootsuite Inc. : If you're unsure whether you're required to pay income tax on your #fellowship (#gradstudent, #postdoc, or #postbac)β€”and whenβ€”this email series explains it in detail: personal-finance-for-phds.ck.page/78647d8556

Your tax return's deadline might be 2/1!

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Hootsuite Inc. : β€œYou're worth way more than you're asking for.”

It’s so common in #academia to underestimate the value of your work.

We could all use a lesson in asking for more compensation for your time and knowledge, one that Sam McDonald talks more about.



Twitter Web App : President Biden Will Extend Student Loan Payment Freeze Through September 30 npr.org/sections/inaug…

Twitter Web App : It took me many months to work up the courage to say yes to Emily, but I'm so glad I did. Know your own worth and use that power to uplift others. twitter.com/PFforPhDs/stat…

Hootsuite Inc. : β€œI'd recommend the students to really go out there and see how much is my value in other places versus in #gradschool.”

#Gradstudent work is severely devalued, and Sam McD gives great insight on how to find that value outside of academia.