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iPhone : This was a great opportunity. Moving forward, I will work with brands that allow more access to customers

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iPhone : Ben Ayade CRIED on camera that ‘his people’ were starving during lockdown meanwhile there were palliatives in a warehouse less than 5 minutes walking distance from his house. An evil being.

iPhone : why y’all arguin bout birkins that none of us can afford like y’all ain’t waiting for the 2nd stimmy😹

iPhone : He’s had a bank account set up since he was 3 months old to save for his college fund.

Why you in his business? twitter.com/taylortoney11/…

iPhone : How could I forget y’all post this video every 3 months twitter.com/rapcaviar/stat…

iPhone : Ya girl started a vlog channel 🧍🏾‍♀️ This was a long...and I mean LOOONG time coming. So hope y’all enjoy my content and have a few laughs and giggles lol! MUCH LOVE!! 🥰
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iPhone : Homophobes be scared to have a gay son or daughter but personally im scared to have a son who makes a YouTube channel just to walk around the mall asking random girls for their body count

iPhone : Sega Link went on a homophobic and misogynistic rant in the heat of the protests and you people gobbled it up but it's members of Feminist Co that are starting a "gender war". Please get out if here.

iPhone : Ah great we're facing this, fantastic. GTB by far the worst offender throughout. Access, Wema, Providus and Zenith also restricted accounts that we transacted with. They still haven't unblocked many accounts twitter.com/EditiEffiong/s…

iPhone : can’t even make fun of her bc it looks like she’s going through it fr twitter.com/cuppymusic/sta…