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Android : Oneirio 🌊 Summer Alt #BLM gdhfhajfgf i'm so glad for the respectful writing!!!!!!!! a lot of players who first read the arc expected cain to go intsys route just to realize after a while like wait scratch that he's gay go for it man

Android : i still am very thankful that english made cain so striaghtforward about his feelings 😤😤😤 "I need you, Reinhardtzar"

Android : i like what the translation's done as well but after looking at the original script it just clicked how leonee knew what he was trying to say

Android : there's also the part where rein couldnt tell cain about his rekki going out of control if he develpped further sentiments
leonee pretty much mimicked his speech pattern to finish the sentence for him in the original script 😭

Android : "use your words like a big boy and tell him you'll miss him" vs "just tell him you're going to be lonely"

missing someone doesnt always mean that the person is lonely without them yknow it's THE DETAILS

Android : i feel like rein's fate ep is at its best when you know both the jp and eng scripts bc some details were left out in the translation but the translation also made the final scene a lot more emotional

Android : idk i'm kinda weak to characters being conflicted that their bond isnt as deep as they thought when they actually care about each other deeply but are just terrible at expressing their feelings

Android : the part where rein stated his reasons for leaving and upsetting cain in the process was so [cursed emoji raising hands while crying like oooooOooOOo o o h]

Android : man the emotion is so intensified with voice acting i'm 😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏 going to replay the entire fate ep whenever i'm salty about gacha thank you gbf

Android : one of rein's instructors sounds like hosoya so i keep pausing to make sure i am still reading rein's fate ep hfhakkggjjd

Android : rein's so casual and open about his fondness of cakes i lose my mind every time i hear him talk about cakes

Android : too bad i cant replay the fight if there are special lines in it please let me know i must collect every canon detail for my headcanon generator

Android : already crying at the first spoken line in grand rein's fate ep it's been 3 months of silence 😭😭😭

Android : 【グランブルーファンタジー】本日のアップデートにて、以下のキャラクターのフェイトエピソードに音声を追加しました。
詳しくはゲーム内のお知らせをご確認下さい。 #グラブル

Android : note that i might not look like it but i've never missed a deadline when it comes to the type of work they are asking for
there's no need to put this pressure on me 😂

Android : people at work started to CC a bunch of their coworkers whenever they ask me for work now is this a threat

Android : [gbf] i wish the first treasure rush chest i opened was empty so i can get that consolation prize and not. 10 Satin Feathers