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Android : My mamu's friend in Saudi Arabia was saying that all PPE in his hospital is coming from Pakistan. He said that it feels so good when you open the package in the OR.


iPhone : The More u hear about these ex leaders of Pakistan u feel embarrassed!
the perception and an impression the world had about them was mind boggling

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iPhone : When you feel like getting frustrated over propaganda against PTI Govt by anyone, instead of trolling them, just share one achievement of PTI & you should feel job done.

I tend to loose this rule & focus sometimes but try my level best to follow this.

iPhone : -IMF did positive growth adjustment for Pakistan only last month.
-Inflation continued lowering down
-Policy rates had record 625 bps lower adjustement
-Reserves continued rising
-Mega relief packages
-A tax free budget first time ever

And many others.

Kudos to policy makers!

iPhone : Due to timely policies from PTI Govt during COVID, Pakistan was least impacted economically.

-Trade deficit remained way below initial assessment
-Remittance continued rising
-Tax Revenues still touched 4 Trillion
-Stock Market remained top 3 performing markets in region


iPhone : 9 unique features that distinguish BRT from Lahore, Islo & Multan metros.
1. 3rd Generation Buses
2. 68 KMs long feeder routes
3. Zero subsidy burden on taxpayers
4. Segregated cycle facilities
5. Pedestrian walkways
6. Bike sharing
7. Free Wifi
8. Park & ride
9. Commercial areas

Twitter Web App : Next time when anyone compare interest rate, inflation & GDP% of Pakistan with India or Bangladesh or any country in region in initial 1.5 yrs of PTI with view of criticizing them, show them CAD to GDP of Pakistan versus other countries for 2018.

We were right there on top!

iPhone : After looking at Bicycle stand, I thought its some foreign country but after watching trash in front of it, I realized its Pakistan.

Mixed feelings, when Govt do their job, we as a nation fail.

Peshawar BRT!!

iPhone : There was so much propaganda on this BRT picture having temporary gas pipleline which was supposed to be removed. Media continued discussing this for atleast one week.

I have literally been craving to see awesome images on media which I can see on social media, still a wish..

iPhone : Two different pictures, two different perceptions.

Imran Khan pic: Just a random single picture, had so much fuss & she was associated as closed to PTI

Uzair Baloch pic: Multiple pics like that but still classified as just a random meeting having no association with PPP.

iPhone : Not really sure whether Rescue 1122 service practically operates in Sindh or not & on top when organization ie fire fighters arent paid last 20 months allowance in city like Karachi, what else is left to curse Sindh Govt.

Where does massive revenues of Sindh Revenue Board goes?

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iPhone : Its neither media nor PPP poor performance itself that exposed them in Sindh infact thats PTI transparency, high values, 1.5 years in Punjab & first ever 5 years Governance in KPK that actually exposed them.

iPhone : Please read sub section-3 of Section-174 “Records” of Income Tax Ordinance including “Proviso”.

“Provided that where any proceeding is pending before any authority or court, tax payer shall maintain records till final decison”

So this 6 years condition has exceptions too.…

iPhone : PTI Achievements Being a resident of peshawar I can say tht it would be the best transit sys so far we have in Pakistan becox
=> it cover almost complete peshawar city, not subsidized, own revenue generation through parking plaza, under ground shops & Malls, bicycle facility having separate root