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Hootsuite Inc. : We have updated our Community Box with all of the assets in higher resolution for the Radiant Stars Update!

Get those and all of our prior update splash arts, avatars, and more for your content creation needs here:…

Hootsuite Inc. : Last week we gave you an exclusive look at our next Battle Pass coming in the Radiant Stars Update!

Which skin is your favorite?
🌜 for Io
🔥 for Imani
⭐ for Inara
🔮 for Seris

Hootsuite Inc. : Its time for a new Trivia Tuesday!

Reply below with the correct Champion/Skin for a chance to win 1 of 3 codes!

Charging into battle, ready to flank left and right
When the wind up gets going, good luck winning that fight.

Hootsuite Inc. : Welcome back to another week Champions!

Heres some of the things you can look forward to:
PTS Live
PTS Blog
Trivia Tuesdays
& More…

Hootsuite Inc. : Dont forget to join our Official Discord for when our Public Test Servers go live in the future.

You can use the PTS Feedback area of it to submit helpful information to us as well as interact with other Paladins fans world-wide!

Hootsuite Inc. : Only those prepared to die should wield the blade.

The Ascension Peak Chest is here once again with Demon Slayer Zhin and more all for 33% off!

Hootsuite Inc. : Its the 4th of July for all the Paladins players in America today!

But no matter where youre from you can make your own fireworks in the Realm with Freegle Drogoz and the Merican Mustang!

Get these in the new World Wide Chest available now!

Hootsuite Inc. : Two days ago, we announced three new golden skins are coming to Paladins!

When Radiant Stars releases, which one are you looking forward to unlocking first? 🤔

Hootsuite Inc. : Thank you all for tuning into our Update Showcase for Radiant Stars.

We hope youre as excited as we are for the Star Sisters to make their way into the Realm.

Which one of these skins do you think is the most Stellar?


Hootsuite Inc. : Were expanding from just avatars going forward for weekend giveaways and adding sprays now too.

Unlock these two sprays in the future during one of our weekend events coming in this update!

Hootsuite Inc. : Shiver me timbers!

Get ready for all of your swashbuckling favorites like Mermaid Ying and even Mernos Jenos in the all new Pirates Treasure Chest.

Hootsuite Inc. : More Golden Skins are coming to Paladins -

Get ready for Golden Buck, Drogoz, and Sha Lin.

And dont worry, your sight isnt failing you.

Hootsuite Inc. : If you say that my performance was stellar, youre going to end up on the wrong side of a black hole.

Support your squad with Stellar Mender Seris when she touches down in #RadiantStars!


Hootsuite Inc. : You should be scared! You havent seen the power of the Star Sisters!

Battle back your competition in #RadiantStars as Stellar Sentinel Inara!


Hootsuite Inc. : Why do the bad guys always pick my day off to start causing trouble?

Stellar Sorceress Imani is ready to lay down some cosmic justice when #RadiantStars hits the Realm!


Hootsuite Inc. : No one hurts MewMew and gets away with it.

Safeguard your friends and the Realm as Stellar Protector Io in our #RadiantStars Update!