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Bio Stage Manager without a stage. In love with the natural sciences, photography, and Supernatural. Background actor & pursuing a degree @ UCLA. Occasionally a DJ
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Android : Was this pic taken at your city home or your moated compound? Are your motion sensors going crazy with all the jumping? Are you worried the security drones might fire tranquilizer darts or did the staff override the system for the shoot? Also, cool shirt. Think I'll go buy one. twitter.com/RobBenedict/st…

Android : Each day of quarantine, I try to sit with one extraordinary thing. Tonight, it’s this amazing 2011 imagery (nearly 10 years old!) assembled by Lady Lakdawalla of Baltis Vallis, of the winds on Mars. More here: youtube.com/watch?v=znYh6j… and here: planetary.org/blogs/emily-la… pic.twitter.com/jqnQN8W54o

Android : Dr. Spencer: β€œThis happened so many times, every shift that we went to work, so many patients and families that we called over FaceTime so they could say goodbye. I don’t think any of my colleagues will ever be able to get back to normal.” on.msnbc.com/2ZKT5kO

Android : There are no out-of-pocket costs. Participants will be asked to provide information about health insurance, but will not be charged any share of costs or copay. They will be allowed to get tested even if they do not provide the insurance information. ow.ly/cLIP50zRXZ1

Android : "Singing, to a greater degree than talking, aerosolizes respiratory droplets [with viral particles] extraordinarily well. Deep-breathing while singing facilitated those respiratory droplets getting deep into the lungs." bit.ly/2M3GXDl.

Android : β€œBy the time the library opened for voting at 10 a.m., Trump had already arrived at his golf course [across the st.] When he departed the course hours later, he didn't stop to vote either. Trump would drive past the library four more times that weekend...” cnn.com/2020/05/27/pol…

Android : The stats for this earthquake are mind-blowing even today. It is still the largest quake ever recorded. The rupture was 1000 km long. There was as much as 40m of fault slip in some places!

But also: this happened in the era before we'd fully worked out plate tectonics.

[1/7] twitter.com/USGS/status/12…