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Twitter Web App : I'm by no means a police advocate, i've been complaining about cops' chest pounding for a while now, but the people on the left who do talk about police brutality falsely make it seem like a racial problem - fuck that…

Twitter Web App : Why r they tackling him like that, he's not even resisting wtf???…

iPhone : TOMORROW: I read Jacob Aireys novel The Seven Royals: All Good Things and was completely blown away!

Pick up your copy today at the link in the description 📚

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Twitter Web App : Almost half of the land in California is owned by the government, the government collects $100 billion from personal income taxes every year, yet California has "by far" the highest homelessness rate in the country

But sure, tell me how paying more taxes is helping the cause

Twitter Web App : Guys. Me saying taxation is theft is not me telling people to break the law... shit i'm not trying to get anybody locked up here 😆😭😭😭

all i'm saying is you gotta FIND THOSE TAX LOOPHOLES BABY😉😎🤑

Twitter Web App : Rule of thumb: Fill out your taxes like they're about to be in a New York Times story

Twitter Web App : And here I was thinking Trump gave them his tax returns on purpose!

How is this allowed?? Why are media outlets getting access to people's personal IRS records???…

iPhone : Here’s an idea: every time a politician proposes something, they should be forced to live under that law for a year before enforcing it on the rest of the people. That way we’ll know they are truly dedicated To the cause.

iPhone : I love Americans so much that I want them to keep more of their own money that they work for…

iPhone : People act like successful people owe them something because they got “rich off your back” or some shit like that.

No dumbass, you paid them for a service you weren’t doing yourself